Can someone tell me why...

Posted by Member Baldy on 3/13/14 08:05 AM #1
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I checked, for [filtered]s and giggles, the price of 50 mil gold on the RMAH and it is going for 6.02 USD atm. Just for the heck of it, I put up 200 mil at 5.75 USD and it sold almost immediately. I had no idea gold was selling so high, is it the new expac coming and the AH shutting down that is/are driving prices so high?
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 3/13/14 08:57 AM #2
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Prices were higher. I don't think it hit $7.00 but it was like $6.40.
Prices are going down right now and I am waiting till I can afford to buy 150 million with money I got on my account.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/13/14 11:12 PM #3
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Yeah, I was wondering why it was going up so much in price myself. I think the highest I saw it reach was around US$6.30, just after Blizzard fixed the bug that was preventing gold from being listed on the RMAH....

Is it because the costs for crafting are going to get *really* expensive in the expansion pack? I'm so unlucky with crafting, I have no real desire to craft... :-0

I'm curious what percentage of players who have their D3 accounts linked to PayPal are going to completely cash out all of their gold into real money... and for those who are maybe only converting a partial amount, what amount of gold are they saving for further use within the game itself...
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/21/14 06:42 PM #4
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Was anyone online during the final moments just before the (RM)AHs closed down forever? For completely unknown reasons, I totally misread the time things would shut down, & because of the time zone difference between North America & Asia, I thought I would have sufficient time to log on one last time after getting off work here in Taipei; but by the time I got home, things were already shut down. :-( Am curious what the final exchange rate for gold to USD was when the timer clocked down to zero...

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