Reaper of Souls CE -Blizzard needs to change

Posted by Member whistleblower on 3/27/14 05:11 PM #1
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After watching some unboxing videos for the RoS Collectors edition many people are pointing out the fact that Blizzard standard design for CE's is getting old and repetitive and needs a change. Do you believe that?
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 3/27/14 09:00 PM #2
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A re-utilizable box would be nice. As nice as their boxes have been (Got D3 CE, HotS CE & now RoS CE) they're not really reusable.

As for the stuff inside them... why do we get a game dvd when RoS was already in place to begin with? I can only assume to authenticate the key.

The mousepad is always welcome, Nothing like a fresh mousepad for a fresh game.

The only other thing I'd liked to have seen is a trinket of some variety. Something to go next to Diablo's tacky head with a Soulstone sticking out of it. Never understood that thing...

Posted by Member EnzyOne on 3/27/14 10:21 PM #3
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Just discovered a use for the box. Decided to raise my monitor up instead of lowering my head. Boy genius.
Posted by Member Baldy on 3/28/14 06:32 AM #4
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@enzyone Love the Guy Fawkes mask ;)
Posted by Member EnzyOne on 4/3/14 06:04 AM #5
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@Baldy Comes in handy. =)

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