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Cold Skills Build Demon Hunter

I came up with this myself but of course I discovered I'm not the first. It's very similar to other popular Cold DH builds, my main differences are that I'm not using ballistics or multishot-arsenal or elemental arrow. This is partly because the build is still in progress and partly because I don't like too many resource spenders on my tool bar and partly because although the damage of MS-A is very good- it's fire and not part of my cold build.

I'm using Marked for Death with contagion for a rapid spread of 20% damage to everything
Bolas with Freezing shot for some crowd control and hate generation
Etrayu which also has a chance to freeze enemies.
Further Crowd control is provided by the sentries in the form of Chill.

To complement the slowing and freezing effects I've chosen bane of the trapped for bonus damage.
To complement my pets and sentries I've chosen the Enforcer and Tasker and Theo

I realise I need a Witching Hour or any belt with really good IAS. A Rucksack is on my "to find" list as well as well as a Mara's and or a Cameo.

I am currently doing T5 rifts and bounties,

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