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This is my guide on the conquest:

The goal: Finish the game Act 1 to Act 5 in 1 hour or less.

The need for speed.
This achievement is all about speed. The best classes to attempt this with are either Demon Hunter or Wizard. Some of the other classes can succeed, but I believe these are the best ones to try it with.

The 60 minute target is real tight. You have to do anything and everything to gain time.
My Sprinter group finished in 58:30.
My Speed Racer group finished in 59:59. No really, 1s to spare.

Do it on Normal. Even a couple of seconds wasted fighting a boss can make the difference between success and failure.
Have at least some DPS. Same as above. Time wasted on boss fights are time wasted. My wizard had about 700k display unbuffed damage when I did this.
Set all your graphics settings to minimum. Time wasted looking at load screens makes a difference in this.
Never stop to loot. Wave those legs good-bye as you go.
Have a skill that shoots open doors as you move. Wizard teleport rune Calamity or DH vault rune Action shot.
Know the maps. Kinda obvious, but you should know the fixed maps at least to help burst through them as fast as possible.

Party setup.
I have read that people have solo’d this. And I believe some 2 man parties have succeeded, but I suggest a 4 man party. 3 “runners” and 1 “towner”.
The job of the runners are to move through the maps as quick as possible.
The job of the towner is to progress the questline as fast as possible. So basically he sits in town, and just activates the next quest dialog. This helps a lot especially in acts 1 and 2. The towner should know the campaign real good. He has to know who the next quest giver will be, and if possible where he will stand.

Allocate roles and directions
The runners should agree beforehand who will do boss fights, and who will setup next area.

For example. When fighting the Skeleton king 1 guy is in town. 2 are fighting (so this should typically be the 2 runners with the highest dps) while the 3rd runner goes to the cemetery and be ready to enter fields of misery. It really helps to know before each fight whether you should accept or decline the fight.

Also nominate your direction, either before game or while running. If all 3 runners enters a large area like Fields of Misery, and all head to the right side of the map it won’t help much. Instead one guy should go left, one right, and one up the middle.

Discuss before hand how you will indicate you found the next area entry. Example use "+" or "here" or "tp". Doesn't matter what you use, but be sure that everyone know's what to look for, since there is not a lot of time for typing.

Gearing up
I have experience on both the DH and Wizard. Have played both, and seen both in action. The other classes I will give info but is only from what I heard or read.
Wizard: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Walker.jpg + http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Cosmic.jpg. The wizard is all about teleport.
Aether walker mostly removes the cooldown of teleport, and Cosmic strand allows you to use both Wormhole and Calamity runes. Wormhole for even quicker teleport casts, calamity can shoot open doors. You should be able to perma-teleport. If you run out of arcane power try to get some resource reduction gear.

Demon Hunter: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Danetta1.jpg+http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Danetta2.jpg. The DH is all about vault.
You should be able to perma-vault. If you run out of hatred try to get some resource reduction gear or gear that gives extra hatred.

Crusader: Swiftmount Flail required for Perma horse.
Monk: ?? Dashing Strike
Witch Docter: ?? Haunt?
Barbarian: ?? No idea

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There are also a bunch of gear items that can help. They are not strictly required.
Gem: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Wreath.jpg on lvl 25+. Every time this gem effect is triggered you gain movement speed.

Gem: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Boon.jpg on lvl 25+. Pick up gold and run faster.
(Note, never backtrack for loot/gold, but running over things ahead of you will help)

Belt: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Belt.jpg.
This belt gives you a 25% speed bonus until you take damage. Running on normal diff means this buff is almost permanently active.

Bracer: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Bracer.jpg.
These combined with an area dmg skill or Wreath gem gives additional move speed.

Shoulders: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Shoulder.jpg.
These don’t give any speed but can prevent you from getting interrupted, while trying to get to town as fast as possible.

Helm: http://i237.photobucket.com/albums/ff43/Bort__/D3%20Sprinter/Helm.jpg.
This helm helps you keep teleporting or vaulting without stop.
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Teleport - Wormhole (if you don’t have cosmic strand) or Calamity if you do. Even with Aether walker teleport has like small cooldown. Wormhole removes every second cooldown.
The rest are just options to keep arcane power up. Don’t need all of them, just have enough to perma-teleport.
Familiar – Arcanot.
Storm Armor – Power of the Storm.
Passive – Astral Presecence.

Demon Hunter:
Vault – Action Shot
Passive – Tactical Advantage
Passive – Hot Pursuit

Act progression (suggested way to handle boss fights)
Target times are just a suggestion. Doesn’t mean you can’t succeed if you are over it, but it gets harder. On my successful runs we were below these numbers all the way through.

The number of fighters is a suggestion.
2 Fighters. (Means towner is in town, ready to progress quest, and 1 runner sets up the entrance to the next area)
3 Fighters. (Means all the runners. Towner is in town)
4 Fighters. Well, its obvious.

Act1 (Your target time for finishing act 1 should be 18 minutes or less)
Skeleton King – 2 fighters, 1 prep cemetery.
Drowned temple – 2 fighters, 1 prep Wortham (go to ferryman)
Araneae – 3 fighters, 1 stay behind to talk to slow walking woman.
Butcher – 3 Fighters, 1 stay behind to finish the “stranger” event

Act 2 (Target time for finishing act 2 should be 32 minutes or less)
Magda – 2 Fighters, 1 go to caldeum bazaar for palace event.
Kulle – 2 Fighters, 1 go to caldeum bazaar for saving the pesants event.
Belial – 3 Fighters

Act 3 (Target time for finishing act 3 should be 40 minutes or less)
Ghom – 3 Fighters
Siege – 4 Fighters (no need to be in town at this point)
Cadea – 4 Fighters (no need to be in town at this point)
Azmodan – 3 Fighters. Don’t teleport to town after the fight. The towner should talk to Tyrial, and then run through the armory as fast as possible. The others then just accept the ending event.

Act 4 (Target time for finishing act 4 should be 45 minutes or less)
For the entire act 4 there is no need for towner, so he should help run and fight.
Iskatu – 4 Fighters
Rakanoth – 3 Fighters, 1 guy can wait outside and start running as soon as the fight is over.
Izual – 4 Fighters
Diablo – 4 Fighters

Act 5 (Target time: 60 minutes)
Uzrael – 3 Fighters, 1 stay behind after the fight to talk.
Adria – 3 Fighters, 1 stay behind after the fight to talk.
When entering the battlefields the towner is no longer needed. So he should join the party and help run.
Malthael – 4 Fighters. No holding back here. 

When ending Act 1 and Act 2 you have to talk to the last quest giver one by one. That is, one person talks, and the others have to wait for him to finish his dialog before clicking. So nominate your sequence.

When entering the Diablo fight its possible for the game to break (completely hang up) if you rush up the stairs to him too fast. When going north, when you hit the steps, run up don’t vault or teleport up. I have had one very good run terminate because of this bug. And I know of many others that had this issue.

Small additional things that might help.
Act 1. When doing the section in Drowned Temple the towner can man one pillar, the 3rd runner the other, while runners 1 & 2 completes the dungeons.
Act 2. When the runners are doing Desolate sands the Towner can go north, to the Terminus entry. He won’t be needed in town to progress the questline. He can then also stay in the Terminus and activate Zoltan kulle fight (activate but not enter

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Lastly, my honest opinion on this achievement: it is HORRIBLE
Blizz seems to think (based on Blizzcon feedback) that this was a good achievement because there are so few people that have done it. Even at the time of writing (28 December, months into the season) on the EU server only 251 people have finished Sprinter and 244 have finished Speed Racer.
I strongly disagree with the Blizz opinion. Sure, 1000 people were not able to do this within hours of the season start, like some of the other conquests, but that doesn’t make it good.

Anything that can only be done with specific classes, after hunting for hours to find 1 specific item, and then still requires a very good team AND a lot of luck to complete is not good.

Its an hour of pain and suffering, with one tiny mistake sinking the entire run.

And finding a party to do this is a terrible experience. There are mostly 3 types of players out there.
1) The ones that have the gear and skill to do this, and have already done it. They have no motivation to do it again. Its a very long commitment to run this achievement. Typically you won't do it on the first try, so several hours are needed.

2) The ones that want to do it, but don't have the correct class or gear. These guys are always willing to help, but without the correct gear its not worth their or your time. At the most you can have one player without the required gear as the towner.

3) The ones that don't care about achievements at all, no way they help you with this.

And even with a good party, everyone with correct gear you still need good (random) maps. One bad map can sink the achievement. And since act 5 is all random maps it can easily be that far into the run that you hit a bad map. Running for 50 minutes just to have one random map at the end is a horrible experience.
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Thanks for yet another awesome guide, @Bort...! :-) Always a pleasure to read. (That being said, I am definitely the 3rd type of player out there who doesn't care too much about the achievements & cannot picture myself attempting this at all...) :-)
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I feel it interesting, your post gave me a new perspective! I have read many other articles about the same topic

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