Act 3 Progression

Posted by Member Ongybear on 8/9/12 07:59 PM #1
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Hey does anyone know if my current gear set up is capable of clearing act 3? I currently have another weapon on my stash that I can swap out. The Spec I am planning on using for this is the bulldozer spec. Thanks in advance.

The stats is listed below:
659.4 DPS
234 Strength
121 Vitality
842 LOH

Here is my profile:
Posted by Member Fugu on 8/10/12 06:54 AM #2
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You should be able to run Act 3 with your items but your hp is a little too low . Perhaps replacing the gem in your helm with a amethyst might solve your hp problem . It's best if you have around 50k hp .
Posted by Member Ongybear on 8/10/12 07:03 AM #3
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Is my dps a little low also to hold this bulldozer build? I feel that I cant kill things fast enough before they eventually get to me.
Posted by Member bokep on 8/15/12 07:51 AM #4
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Are you playing by yourself or with others? If you play with others, your DPS should be fine.

Act 3 is a huge step up in difficulty from Act 2 though. I got stuck on the Machines of War quest for a week or so. Maybe just bad luck with the elite packs I keep getting, but even Act 4 seem easier than that quest.
Posted by Member Buzzell on 8/15/12 12:50 PM #5
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what difficulty are we talking about?
Posted by Member Calaminh on 8/15/12 02:36 PM #6
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Inferno most likely...

Every other act is a joke.
Posted by Member Jerrygoh on 8/15/12 10:50 PM #7
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Get AR items
Posted by Member vi6six on 8/16/12 12:00 AM #8
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A weapon upgrade is a good start ..not only is it lower DPS for a Act 3 attempt but it is also very slow ..and that shield needs better blocking % ( i know you have a magic find thing going )
Posted by Member geloloco on 9/3/12 04:48 AM #9
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40k HP
30k DPS Base
700 resist buffed
1k LoH or similar life gain items
6k Armor +

You should be fine with these stats

Posted by Member sonthanh on 9/3/12 11:42 AM #10
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All you need is learning how to play dourble tornado, with your current set it can be easy to clean act 3 :D

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