DH tanking skill set

Posted by Member frommallama on 8/11/12 01:37 AM #1
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left click: bola shot with bitter pill to gain hatred and discipline together
right click: rain of veng with stampede to keep enemies at bay when needed
1: chakrams with razor disk to mazimize area of damage (for shadow power)
2: vault w/ rune of choice to get out of sticky situations (many would prefer smoke screen over this)
3: shadow power with gloom
4: preparation with battle scars

passive skills depend on whatever you like to use

go into combat using your left click/ 1 as needed
begin with shadow power until you are in need of discipline/ instant health
after prep is used continue with shadow power
once you work out a technique this skill set can keep you alive as long as you need it to

(works best with dual xbows to maximize the disc gain from bitter pill rune)

what you guys think? I chose this skill set 100% on my own and cant seem to find another one that i like better
***i know demon hunters arent meant to tank.. but i like to switch it up :D i think this works very well and is a lot of fun
Posted by Member Synchro on 8/11/12 06:09 AM #2
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Good idea, However isn't DH tank spec totally relaying onm keeping alive with life on hit? Isn't it better to use caultrops with dmg rune and bombs to maximize loh return?
Posted by Member frommallama on 8/11/12 04:20 PM #3
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are you asking if shadow power gains life through life on hit?
it converts 20% of damage to life or 30% with a different rune but i prefer the 65% damage reduct
Posted by Member Kratos on 8/15/12 04:51 PM #4
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Is this build viable to farm act 3 inferno with a magic find set?
Posted by Member frommallama on 8/19/12 03:16 PM #5
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i havent gotten there yet but i would imagine it is as long as you have enough money to spend on the right gear.
the class is similar to a barbarian because for a barbarian you must constantly be attacking monsters to stay alive (so i've heard)
with this setup you gain health by doing damage, and you can gain a lot of health very fast if you do enough damage.
Posted by Member HugeManatee on 9/5/12 09:40 PM #6
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Chakrams are very erratic though it might not hit anything XD
Posted by Member Vezirynn on 9/15/12 03:13 PM #7
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Despite the nerfs i've actually found this works great using Tail of Cinders, you can literally faceroll everything. +works even better with +disc/nats legacy set
Posted by Member Inceptor on 9/15/12 03:49 PM #8
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Posted by frommallama at 08/11/2012 04:20 PM

are you asking if shadow power gains life through life on hit?
it converts 20% of damage to life or 30% with a different rune but i prefer the 65% damage reduct

Actually, I find that I pop shadow power whenever I get hit. Even with the 65% dr, I'd die within another hit or two, therefore the extra 10% life steal is worth it considering my dps.

To OP, interesting build, I might try it.
Posted by Member Bkuegs on 9/15/12 09:49 PM #9
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It seems really good what armor do you use like stat wise what are you using to increase damage how much dex do you have vit etc...
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 11/7/12 12:24 AM #10
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Taken from: http://diablo3blog.blogspot.tw/2012/09/demon-hunter-tank-guide.html#redirect?thread=835867398&forum=[object%20Object]&zone=internal_discovery&variant=metadata&imp=134796110201468999&source_thread_id=697856886

The general stats for Inferno DH tank builds:
Act I: 20k HP / 3k Armor / 300 RA / 900+ LoH
Act II: 30k HP / 4k Armor / 400 RA / 1200+ LoH
Act III: 45k+ HP / 5k Armor / 550+ RA / 1500+ LoH
Act IV: 50k+ HP / 6k Armor / 650+ RA / 1700+ LoH

This was for patch 1.04 before they "nerfed" Gloom & introduced monster levels, though, so don't know if it's as relevant anymore. I'm still using a hybrid DH myself, though, & experimenting around w/ different combinations of equipment.

Never tried bola shot w/ bitter pill--didn't even realize it had a chance to replenish discipline, having used Hunger Arrow as my main for the longest time. Will have to try that some time.

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