Slowest Auction Ever

Posted by Member ecocd on 8/25/12 05:08 PM #1
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So I decided to run a little experiment. I found some Bracers that should sell on the Auction House:
Nothing special, but they'll sell reasonably. Anyway, I put them up with a very high buyout, 2 million, but only a starting bid 100 Gold. I wanted to see what people would do.

The first bid came in almost immediately 100. From there it went to 170, then 200 and now 269. I think this is probably the most bids I've ever gotten 9 hours into an auction. I love how no one has bothered to put in even the Vend price as a bid. It will be fun watching it creep up 100 Gold at a time.
Posted by Member Khan on 8/25/12 05:46 PM #2
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Now thats an interesting idea.
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/26/12 04:08 AM #3
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The fun is at least slightly over as the price jumped to 52,500 overnight with 16 hrs 41 min remaining. I was asleep while it went up from there, but my guess is the 269 guy could've put in a maximum bid of 50,000 and someone has a bid in above 52,500 so I'm counting that as at least a 5th bid. I'm hoping to get at least 2 more out of it.
Posted by Member Khan on 8/26/12 10:59 AM #4
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I put a shield up at 100 last night before I went to bed also. I made coffee this morning and it was at 57000. I did a Ghom run and when i came back it sold for 1 mil (the buyout). Apparently someone wanted to stop playing.
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/27/12 04:23 AM #5
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To finish the story, the bids from there went something like 55,000 then 62,500 then I went to bed with 45 minutes left in the auction. It finished at 630,000. I guess the story goes that no matter where you set the minimum, it will always be bid up in the last 45 minutes, anyway. I was originally planning to put the Buyout at 800k with a starting bid of 200k, but there's no way of telling whether it would've gone the same way or someone may have grabbed it for the buyout price.
Posted by Member bokep on 8/29/12 03:02 PM #6
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People pay 600k for that???

I've been seriously undervaluing my items lol. I would have put that up for 50k start, 100k buyout. Now I'm curious as to what makes it particularly valuable? The gold find? Both the crit chance and dex are average.
Posted by Member ecocd on 8/30/12 10:07 AM #7
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In this case, it's the combination of Crit Chance, high Dexterity and Vitality. It's actually a 6-mod Rare which is only one step below Legendary with a double affix on Dexterity so it has the 3 best affixes Demon Hunters and Monks look for in Bracers. If those mods had been near perfect rolls, it could easily approach 8 figures. Extremely lucky to get those mods, but relatively unlucky with the rolls.
Posted by Member Groen on 9/1/12 06:53 PM #8
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Hahaha, I use this bid method all the time, low starting bid and I don't know what it is but players tend to pay more if you put a high buyout or no buyout at all.
Posted by Member Buzzell on 9/1/12 07:07 PM #9
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i dont think this works well, i recently had a bad experience with it.
Posted by Member bokep on 9/1/12 09:15 PM #10
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Posted by Buzzell at 09/01/2012 07:07 PM

i dont think this works well, i recently had a bad experience with it.

Haha yeah sometimes it will backfire. Works well for buyers like me lol. I have sniped some good deals that way.
Posted by Member yphanh2002 on 9/2/12 02:12 AM #11
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Sometime I got really good deal with those kind of item, too. Especially before 1.0.4 patch, it's really hard to search for item with socket ( aks chest or pants) and I got some items that are really nice but seller forget to put gem on though socket
Posted by Member gnaungayan on 9/4/12 03:30 AM #12
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Posted by yphanh2002 at 09/02/2012 02:12 AM

Sometime I got really good deal with those kind of item, too. Especially before 1.0.4 patch, it's really hard to search for item with socket ( aks chest or pants) and I got some items that are really nice but seller forget to put gem on though socket

agree and most of the jewelries wont sell if they dont have any cc/cd/aspd on it. Those stats seems to be a permanent stats on a jewelry/gloves
Posted by Member jamespark888 on 9/4/12 04:21 AM #13
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I tried this with a 900dps bow which I know it wont sell even if i put the buy out price at like 100k, but then I tried what you suggested and I sold it for 123k. LMAO, I think alot of people try and snipe items so once they start on a bid they'll just keep bidding cuz the auction house automatically tells them that theyve been outbid.
Posted by Member Santient on 9/4/12 10:26 AM #14
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i tried to sell this. but failed. put it up for 100 :|
Posted by Member mowuffe on 9/4/12 03:11 PM #15
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@Santient well u need to choose a piece of gear that someone could possibly use...., the loh and crit damge are nice but the dps is way too low.

i am trying to sell an axe for 100g, i'll let you know

126 str
100 dex
9% atack speed
330 loh
61crit damage

its worth a few mils, 5-10 i'd say, i'm curious of how much it will settle for

will let you know
Posted by Member Phasher99 on 9/4/12 03:21 PM #16
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I think everyone is just sitting on auctions to snipe last minute now.
Posted by Member ecocd on 9/4/12 04:09 PM #17
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@Phasher99 The premium auctions like those over 10 million tend to have progressive bidding, but most of the smaller ones do seem to get pretty much all their action in the last 60 minutes and a flurry over the last 10 seconds. At this point, Blizzard may as well let people choose how long they want their auction listed by 6-hour increments to last 6-48 hours. That's how everyone is using it now, anyway.
Posted by Member datomicfart on 9/5/12 02:58 PM #18
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nice! good luck!
Posted by Member MouseMan2 on 9/6/12 03:02 PM #19
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I feel like this only works for items of decent value like at least over a half million.
Posted by Member super56k on 9/11/12 06:31 PM #20
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I've had some surprising bidding wars. An amulet I listed sold for close to 900k that I figured wasn't worth over 100k. There was no buyout, just bidding that started really low. I've also had listings for good items starting under 5k that went unsold so it's really random depending on when the auctions are ending, or if it's the weekend.
Posted by Member Metta on 9/11/12 06:51 PM #21
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I think with items that are guaranteed to sell for a set price, like say, weapons with LOH/CD/socket/stats, the initial bid doesn't matter because enough people will see it so it kinda ends up reaching the bid that the item is actually worth. For more niche items like say, monk armor with great stats but only cold resist, setting a low bid opens you up to the risk that not enough monks who stack cold resist saw it so you end up selling it lower than it could've gone for. I have personally sniped tons of ridiculously low priced monk gear because people have done this.

Also, a low bid prevents you from cancelling the auction since it's going to get bid on almost immediately. If items aren't selling for a price I expect, I just cancel them so I can put up other items in my stash. Your AH limit of 10 can get full quickly if you have to wait 36 hours for an item to clear.
Posted by Member azwccc on 9/13/12 06:13 AM #22
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I have stopped selling things without bo price. seems like lots of ppl just search bo instead of farming a deal with ending soon bid.
Posted by Member rMaC212121 on 9/14/12 04:30 PM #23
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This is an interesting idea indeed, but like the above poster it just takes too long and most people just want to buy things asap, especially those lower level players who are only willing to spend small amounts of gold.
Posted by Member bobetsaur on 9/15/12 03:01 PM #24
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I would usually look for small bids and bid once and wait for it to expire
Posted by Member Tungsten on 9/15/12 03:02 PM #25
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I've made some decent money doing this. Often, I think that the max bid can go higher than a buyout. No stats to back that up though.

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