Apple vs. Samsung

Posted by Member Khan on 8/27/12 02:28 PM #1
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In light of Apple's win against Samsung regarding patents and Apple attempting to ban Samsung phones, please listen to what Steve Jobs said about ideas here.

The most important part: ‎"We have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."
Posted by Member Venoom on 8/28/12 12:48 AM #2
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for those with no audio or who didn't watch the video, the whole quote says "Picasso had a saying - 'Good artists copy, great artists steal.' And we have always been shameless about stealing great ideas."

I never understood the appeal of Apple products nor how it makes some of its owner become so fanatics.

sure, they look shiny and they're easy to use, but they're so dumbed down and full of locks that it's an extreme pain to use for geeks or power users (not to mention the iTunes disaster), compared to other platforms like Android where you can do pretty much whatever you want, including writing your own ROM for your phone since it's all open source.

their marketing is for sure doing a great job... Apple is known for innovation where in reality all they did is take other people/companies innovations and dumb them down or popularize them (and of course patent them so you can sue your competitors when they start making better products than yours).

I never liked Samsung, they have done so many wrong things with consumers (like selling non full HD 3D TVs, panel lottery for their LCDs and PC monitors, CPU/GPU lottery for their phones, ...) and I agree that they tried to make their phones look like iphones to encourage customers to switch, but I don't think they deserve the fine.

Not sure why Apple is getting away with such trivial patents, nor why it doesn't get sued for copying so many features from Android on its iOS 5 (OTA updates, pull-down notifications, wireless and cloud sync, widgets (although not as good as Android), Twitter integration, etc.)
Posted by Member MasterM on 9/2/12 09:59 PM #3
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On that note it really made me smile to read about Samsung paying apple back in 5 cent coins:
Samsung paying in 5 cent coins
So it was even more upsetting to hear that it was just a fake making the round.
Posted by Member beaner on 9/15/12 08:53 PM #4
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Trying to ban Samsung phones is a bit ridiculous. I must say that the phone that this law suit was over really was an iphone clone but its not like all of samsungs phones are jacked. Hell why not just ban all smart phones that aren't iphones at that point.
Posted by Member Apolexious on 9/15/12 09:39 PM #5
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The iPhone and Samsung phones are completely different, and just because they look the same doesn't mean that they are clones of each other.

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