Market slow down?

Posted by Member Jhonka on 9/2/12 07:19 AM #1
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Hey all,

After reading all these posts on the diablo 3 auction house since it came out, I'm now under the impression that the economy has undergone a pretty heavy stall. Items that normally would've sold months ago are ignored, and it looks like the only things worth trading are perfect roll legendaries / 6 affix rares.

I don't have the multiple millions to buy these items, but I started using this website to arbitrage on both auction houses. Slowly but surely building up my bank, since I lost about 5 million gold speculating on fiery brimstones (still holding onto them, I figure they're worth more to me than 100,000 gold).

Any suggestions or tips for a struggling noob?
Posted by Member ecocd on 9/2/12 08:05 AM #2
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@Jhonka Anuiran gave me the best advice for selling items which is to treat the Auction House more like a store (my words not his). When you find an item that you figure will sell, set a Bid/Buyout price that's the same. After some time if it has failed to sell, cancel the auction and put it up for a lower Bid/Buyout price. Keep moving the price down progressively until it sells. This has worked for me and when it sells after the 1 price drop I feel like I know I've gotten a good deal.

If you're looking to improve your character, I can tell you how I've been progressing through the game.

If you're leveling a character once you hit about clvl 42, take full advantage of the Reduced Level Requirement modifier. If you set the search parameters to max for a clvl 48 item, you're only going to see true clvl 48 gear. Instead, set the search parameters to level 60 and a minimum Reduced Level Requirement modifier of 12. With weapons, you'll see an enormous jump in dps options, armor rating will be higher and the Stat modifiers roll at ilvl 60 instead of ilvl 48.

In terms of buying items on a budget, you're looking to compromise. Sure, every once in a while if you search for an item and sort by Time Remaining, you might find a good deal on something someone just put up or something that's about to expire, but those opportunities tend to be rare on budget level items.

Instead, start looking for ways you can save your Gold, but still got most of the effect. For instance, as far as I know 1 point Strength = 1 point of Armor. While you're building your equipment, it's a lot easier and cheaper finding 100 Strength on an Amulet than 100 Armor. 10 points of Int = 1 Res All and you can look to add 60 or 80 Int here or there to boost your Res All through stats, too (Intelligence and Strength on a Bow, for instance, are practically trash affixes in the AH, but can quickly boost your Res All by 10 or your Armor by 100).

Resist All gear gets more important as you progress down to Act 3, but you might notice that you're dying to certain kinds of elemental damage far more often than others. If you're ranged, Mortar and Arcane are easily the most dangerous elemental damage types and you'll find that Fire Resist gear and Arcane Resist gear is far cheaper than Res All gear. As you gain more Gold, you can start migrating to Res All gear.

If you're looking for more damage, you can create a personalized dps table. I'm sure there are online calculators, but it's pretty easy to do on my own and I'm guaranteed the results will work for me. I go to the Auction house and buy 5 of the cheapest magical rings I can buy with only 1 damage affix:
Dex/Str/Int (min 20)
Attack Speed (min 4)
Critical Hit (min 2.5)
Critical Damage (min 15)
Minimum Damage (min 5)

I go into the game and unequip a ring. With the open slot, I note my initial dps on a piece of paper. Then one-by-one I equip the single damage affix rings and note the increase in dps for each. You can calculate the total DPS gain from 1 point of Dexterity (if you're e Monk or DH), 1 % Atk Speed, etc. The results are only rough, but they're good enough for quick comparisons when you're searching the Auction House.

With this table, you can look at your stats and determine which improved combinations of stats will get you the most dps for the least amount of Gold.

NOTE: You only see an actual in-game damage increase from Critical Hit % and Crit Damage when you land a critical hit, but that damage is taken into account in your average dps figure displayed. If you're under about 25% Crit Hit chance, you might want to omit the critical hit % and critical hit damage from your dps table until you have enough critical hit %.

You'll have to update your dps table as you upgrade your character, because all of the damage modifiers interact and as you increase 1, the amount of dps it adds will change.

With my personal dps table, I was able to upgrade my dps 1,000 points with a piddly Lvl 54 ring that had an unusual combination of small damage affixes that all added up to a dps increase for a piddly amount of Gold.
Posted by Member Jhonka on 9/2/12 08:36 AM #3
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Thanks for the suggestions! I think my biggest problem was that my first character was a WD, and before 1.0.4 they were pretty handicapped. I then rolled a monk, got him to inferno, and started farming. I think that my personal delay in getting to inferno compared to everyone else made me miss out on the giant buying spree.

Both characters are clevel 60, and I'm grinding up plevels on my WD (now that pets are back). I'm reliably farming act 2, but I still can't help but feel massively poor when it's hard to move items. I'll try the store idea you mentioned just now! I have 9 items up that didn't sell, so it's time to lower their buyouts...
Posted by Member ecocd on 9/2/12 01:40 PM #4
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@Jhonka Wow, I started a WD, too and was very slow going. I also feel that I missed out on the early bonanza. I moved to DH and have been farming. I was thinking about restarting my WD. Sounds like you have fun doing it.
Posted by Member datomicfart on 9/5/12 02:59 PM #5
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extremely slow! good luck!!!!
Posted by Member jtex84 on 9/6/12 03:18 AM #6
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Same here... nothing doing... I too have had to resort to just dropping price daily until someone hits...
Posted by Member PCMcGee on 9/6/12 05:18 AM #7
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I always set my items to a single price point, but I carefully set the price to sell against what's already there. I watch for item categories that are overbought, then pick up a couple of pieces from the auctions, mark to market and profit.
Posted by Member MouseMan2 on 9/6/12 03:00 PM #8
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yeah, all my auctions sell really slowly. I feel like even undercutting 10-25%, I have to relist and undercut again at least 2-3 more times before they sell. This is true for mostly my relatively expensive junk.
Posted by Member and1phan on 9/6/12 03:03 PM #9
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i feel like you have to under cut by 25-50% to sell has slowed down quite a bit
Posted by Member heisenberg on 9/15/12 03:14 PM #10
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We honestly can't be surprised at what the market has become. The longer the game is out then we will see a flood of good items, and the standard for the player will invariably go up. Items that used to be good will become vendors and players will begin to seek BiS items that are worth millions. Also, the recent changes to legendary items have rendered good rares moot, because why waste millions on an o k item when you can save up for that nice shiny legendary that will probably never be replaced.
Posted by Member Buddio on 9/15/12 05:11 PM #11
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Market sucks now, selling stuff for under 100k that would have been worth 300k+ pre 1.05 :(
Posted by Member e7d3rmt on 9/15/12 07:01 PM #12
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I'm at the point where I'm just going to hold on to valuable items, and play the long game until the PvP patch :/
Posted by Member murie on 9/15/12 11:42 PM #13
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Wait for major content patch and go hard on the first few days before prices stabilize.

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