Music to play D3 with...

Posted by Member HaCutLf on 9/15/12 07:42 PM #1
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Anyone have any favorite kinds of music to play? I'm looking for a new soundtrack.
Posted by Member krymynal on 9/15/12 08:25 PM #2
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i like streaming in the background at about 25% volume. might not be for everyone, but it works for me
Posted by Member FatherOfSerpents on 9/15/12 08:35 PM #3
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I usually play a bit of metal while I bash faces in. A friend of mine from D2 had a Diablo concept band some time back, and a lot of their stuff was pretty sick. The band was Breath of the Dying. Only place I can still find them is on Youtube, as I'm unsure if they're still playing. I recommend the song "Battle Orders" if you're going to check them out.

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