Anyone still playing D2?

Posted by Member JunkyPic on 9/15/12 08:27 PM #1
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Anyone still playing D2?
Posted by Member ARCHII on 1/11/13 03:47 AM #2
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Yeah, when i get bored farming D3, I go back in time and farm D2 :D
Posted by Member ninjax on 1/11/13 04:25 AM #3
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I had an HC hammerdin and a smiter I used to hunt uber diablo on "hot" servers. It was great fun but I don't even think I can remember my login details anymore.. or if I want too.

I am have fun playing D3, whether in game or on the AH!
Posted by Member genzou on 1/21/13 11:59 PM #4
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I think I want to jump into the next ladder season! We'll see.

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