Hardcore becoming too easy in 1.05???

Posted by Member razer22 on 9/26/12 01:39 PM #1
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I've skimmed the hardcore forum on Blizzard and a lot of users have said the game would become too easy after the new patch. Many users would be able to reach Act3 Inferno without breaking a sweat. I myself have not tried the PTR system but everything done so far does nerf Inferno and the monsters in general.

What do you guys think about the game difficulty afterwards? Do you feel like the accomplishment of finishing hardcore won't be as great?
Posted by Member Detski on 9/26/12 01:56 PM #2
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Sure, the achievement won't mean as much, but there's nothing to stop people from trying to do it with Monster Power 10 and posting a youtube video for bragging rights.
Posted by Member sabin on 9/26/12 04:07 PM #3
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I agree that it won't mean as much to simply say "I have the achievement" but it's not that difficult to say "I cleared the game in 1.0.3" or on a higher MP level like Detski said. Anyone who has played the game would understand that the game used to be harder, and since the achievement unlocks are dated, you have your proof.

Overall I think this is a great change. For players that want a challenge, they can up their monster power as much as they like. For people that care more about getting all of the achievements, this makes the task way less daunting. It should allow both casual and serious players to enjoy the fun of hardcore IMO.

To argue the other side: I will admit that the temptation to simply clear the mode on level 0 will cause many people to zip right through inferno, where they might have had more fun if they were given a challenge.
Posted by Member Methrin on 9/27/12 07:26 PM #4
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The achievement is meaningless anyway.

Any asshole can buy 20 millions off the RMAH and give it to some dude who will kill inferno diablo in HC for the 20 millions in softcore gold, he did it for more than a hundred people from what I gather.
Posted by Member Bort on 11/8/12 03:04 AM #5
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I think its a great change.
And why?

I live very far away from closest server. (Live in South Africa, play on Europe Servers)
So at the best of times I have 250ms latency. Doesn't sound much... until you stand in a dmg pool for 250ms too long.
Before 1.05 playing HC was a big problem for me. Now I least I have a fighting chance with the reduced difficulty.

And on the other hand, MP makes replaying the same area over and over again before attempting a boss so much quicker.
As an example: I struggle with Belial (actually, I only struggle with the tentacle phase of Belial, and its due to the latency as (a) above. I have to react very quick and find the safe spots in no time) So I played act 2 over and over to gain levels & gear before doing the Belial fight.

Now I can play act 2 with MP 2 or 3 or whatever to gain the XP quicker before doing the boss fights.

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