I haven't quit.

Posted by Member Methrin on 11/25/12 08:12 AM #1
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Just been busy with other [filtered].

Plus, I'll want to play the game even more after I've dealt with that other [filtered].

How's everyone been?
Posted by Member Khan on 11/25/12 09:44 AM #2
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@methrin Just leveling leveling leveling. Good to see you haven't quit.
Posted by Member Buzzell on 11/25/12 10:32 AM #3
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Still playing, Nothing has changed.

Glad to hear you haven't quit!
Posted by Member yoyo on 11/25/12 05:02 PM #4
Posts: 191


Well I for one am glad you didn't quit. That would be a waste of one hell of a Barb. Yeah, I see the other stuff. Bla, bla, bla.... JK man. Welcome back.

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