Top eSports from Blizzard

by carlparry on April 15th, 2020 at 1:14 pm

Top eSports from Blizzard

The world of eSports grew rapidly and it continued this trend in recent years with more and more people interested in the phenomenon. Gamers, spectators and people that like to bet on the outcome of eSports matches are all contributing to the success of a very entertaining industry that enjoys a welcomed boost in recent times. With most of the sporting events canceled or postponed, more and more punters look at eSports as the alternative to keep having fun while backing up their favorite teams for a positive outcome. Even though it goes without saying that CS:GO is the most popular game among eSports, there are several other games out there that enjoy a lot of popularity. It’s no wonder that Blizzard has several titles in the race as well since they’re a huge developer and publisher. Today, we’re taking a look at the most popular eSports developed by Blizzard and what makes them appeal to gamers.

Starcraft II

Starcraft eSports

Even though it was launched long before eSports became a thing, Starcraft Brood War was the first Blizzard game to generate a huge wave of online games, tournaments, and contests. It was no wonder that with the launch of Starcraft II in full eSports era, Blizzard was going to make some waves in an industry controlled by shooters. Released in 2010 with the first part of the series, Wings of Liberty, Starcraft II received incredible reviews from both critics and gamers and was quickly adopted by the big esports competitions. It all started in South Korea and slowly evolved all across the globe. Furthermore, Starcraft II is credited with making eSports popular across the globe, just like StarCraft Brood War brought this phenomenon in South Korea. The StarCraft II World Championship Series was the first big tournament built around the game and it kicked off in 2012. Other big events such as the Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack included StarCraft II in their schedule.


Overwatch eSports final

Another huge success in the world of eSports for Blizzard comes from Overwatch. This FPS is also described as a hero shooter since it allows the players to choose a hero out of over 30 characters. Each time is comprised of six players, and the goal is to eliminate the opposing team to win the game. It was obvious that just like CS:GO a shooter that also gives special abilities to each character is going to enjoy a lot of success. And Blizzard’s bet with Overwatch turned out to be a very inspired one because the game was rapidly included in all big eSports competitions. The variety in maps and characters allowed Blizzard to maintain the game relevant for a long time and even though it was launched in 2016, the game is still extremely popular nowadays despite the launch of Overwatch 2 has been teased by the publisher for quite some time.


HearthStone eSports final

Launched in 2014, HearthStone is another huge success for Blizzard. Even though it wasn’t developed with eSports in mind, this game that builds on the Warcraft series lore was transformed into one of the top eSports games by the users. So, it’s no wonder that the game has its own World Championship and is also part of big tournaments like the ones hosted by Major League Gaming and ESL. Besides the warcraft lore, HearthStone was welcomed as an eSport because of its fast-paced gameplay and accessibility.

World of Warcraft

WOW eSports final

Even though it was designed as an online game, World of Warcraft - just like many other Blizzard games that enjoyed a huge success as eSports - was not intended to become an eSport sensation. However, with the Arena World Championship, everything changed, and WoW players are more and more interested in enjoying their favorite game while competing with other teams out there. Recently, on top of the Arena World Championship, Blizzard also added the Mythic Dungeon Invitation which is one of the best player-vs-environment available at this point. It was introduced in 2017 and it enjoyed huge popularity right from the start. Another game mode that makes World of Warcraft fit for eSport success is Race to World First which is a mode that exists ever since WoW raiding started. However, with the launch of the Battle for Azeroth, the Race to World First started to change for good. Through a partnership between Red Bull and Method, a leading esports team and guild, the event started to be hosted at the Gaming Sphere in London.

Even if you were not into esports before but you loved to enjoy these Blizzard games online, perhaps it’s time to give them a chance. Especially during this period when good sports entertainment is quite hard to find. Is it boring to stay at home? Play at the best online casinos at CasinoProper and discover some good offers for eSports as well!

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