Gaming & iGaming: Insights & Growth Prospects

by carlparry on November 19th, 2020 at 1:35 pm

Growth Prospects for iGaming

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The gaming world stands tall and robust more so now, thanks to advanced technologies powering it. From mobile gaming to consoles to casino gaming, eSports, and more, this trend of progression is not ending any time soon. Some of the most popular games have won millions of players, owing to rapidly improving communication and technology and as trends evolve, developers work behind the scenes to ensure their wares appeal more to the mainstream audience.

  • Virtual Reality provides gamers hyper immersive gameplay. Incredible as they look, there’s still more ground to be covered in the sphere of game graphics that will blur the line between reality and the game. For instance, when photorealistic graphics are merged with VR, results are bound to be amazing.
  • Nearly all online casinos in the lead make use of Artificial Intelligence by helping players achieve a personalized experience. From an enhanced customer service experience to recommended games that are in sync with their online behaviour, AI helps cater to the players’ needs as closely as possible.
  • The use of wearable in the gaming industry is still at a nascent stage and different sections of the business are working with wearables to make the entire gameplay experience smoother, easier, and more realistic. For instance, the Myo armband helps players control actions on games by making gestures.

Growth of iGaming

iGaming has seen phenomenal growth in recent years and now with increased interest, there’s been a visible growth in online casino gaming and sports betting. With the advent of new tech trends that include virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cyborg, the online gambling market’s expected to grow at nearly 17% between 2020 and 2026. Further, the revenue generated from this market as well as a high rate of employment has encouraged many countries to legalize online gambling.

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Diversity from a growth standpoint

Across all realms of Gaming, diversity has been an area of concern. Online slots are in abundance with innumerable titles which makes it easier for such games to appeal to a wider audience. Check out some popular sites for slot games not on Gamstop which are renowned for great pay outs, fabulous bonuses, and more. Now, games are also being aimed at the female audience which constitutes 40% of the iGaming population. This figure makes it imperative for the gameplay to be rich in content and overall experience. For instance, Mei-Ling Rider’s appointment for G2 eSports will help this developing gaming sector to charm a wider audience.

Convergence of Gaming & iGaming

Thanks to the rapid evolution of communication and technology, online gaming has reached every corner of the globe extensively. While gaming is essentially focused on results-driven by skills, iGaming is all about achieving results by chance. Both these activities are similar to each other in the way they are designed, constitute varied elements, and more.

Most gaming apps include gambling features and vice-versa, and these activities overlap each other to such an extent that they are referred to as gaming-like gambling and gambling-like gaming. Whether you play a video game that features mini-games to wager on in an online casino or a game that features loot boxes, games and gambling have come to converge a great deal. The union of these two genres not only makes the gameplay more exciting but also call for a high level of participation.

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