An Overview of the Canadian Gaming Industry

by carlparry on January 30th, 2021 at 12:47 pm

A Look at the the Canadian Gaming Industry

Canadian gaming

Along with expanding innovations in technology, the way people prefer to entertain themselves has changed many times over the years. And recently, the gaming industry has been blooming around the world.

Canada has risen to be one of the leaders in the video game industry. Not only that, but the gaming industry has proven to impact the Canadian economy significantly.

Canadian Gaming Market

After the United States and Japan, Canada is the third-largest video game industry when it comes to economic impact and the employment rate. Most video game developers have established studios in Ontario, Quebec, and Montreal, with 692 video game companies identified in 2019, which is a 16% increase since 2017. The professions in technology fields, including video game programming, have become increasingly popular.

According to the ESAC statistics, in 2019, the video game industry in Canada contributed around $4.5 billion to the economy, challenging the film and television contributions. Canadians enjoy playing a wide range of online games, including multiplayer online battle arenas and online casino and slot games, with JackpotCity online casino filling the gap with a big array of games to meet the demand.

What's more, reports confirm that around 64% of the Canadian population has identified themselves as gamers, with different device and game type preferences.

  • Players aged 55 to 64 prefer puzzle and card games.
  • Between ages 35 and 54, 31% of male gamers play action and strategy games on their console, and 61% of female gamers most often play on their mobile devices and prefer puzzle games.
  • When it comes to millennial players aged 18 to 34, on the other hand, 54% of female gamers most often play action/adventure games on their mobile devices, and 36% of male gamers most often play strategy and action games on their console.

Why Is Gaming So Popular in Canada?


One of the main reasons why video games became popular in the first place is the incredibly easy access. While years ago, you would have needed to purchase games in stores, many are now free to play online. Advanced technology allows gamers to play them on mobile devices, which gives them the freedom to do it whenever and wherever they like.


An extensive selection of genres and types makes it hard to get bored of gaming. There are single-player and multiplayer options, simple puzzle and adventure games that can be downloaded on the phone, more complex strategy games, online casino games, and much more. And as the industry is getting increasingly bigger, developers are required to come up with new concepts to meet new demands.

Money Prizes

With the increasing popularity of eSports leagues, tournaments and the gamers themselves often rising to celebrity status, many commercial brands turned to sponsoring eSports individual players and teams, allowing them to make a good living off it.

Online casino games are also becoming more and more popular in Canada with excellent cash prizes being offered as people would always enjoy taking a chance when the possible outcome is considered to be worth it.


Many gamers enjoy being part of the community that comes with gaming. Making friends with other players gives an opportunity to discuss strategies and experiences, and play games with others. In many games, it's also possible to track results and progress with your friends and play with or against them, which makes it more fun.

The Takeaway

The online gaming world in Canada is in constant development. With so many accessible budget-friendly options, it is easy to see why the Canadian gaming market has been growing and will continue to do so.

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