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Posted by Member sabin on 8/1/12 04:25 PM #1
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Just wanted to say a quick thanks for making a great site. After I had referenced the maximum item stats guide almost daily for a while, I finally started checking out the rest of the site. The guides are easy and quick to read, and the AH tracker is quite useful as well. You've done an impressive job with a small team. Keep up the good work!
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/1/12 04:29 PM #2
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Thanks! We have been busy making a lot of features, and running this contest - we have plans for a lot of useful guides in the future. Hope you will enjoy them :)
Posted by Member Thaldin on 8/1/12 04:43 PM #3
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Agreed, I Have been using the maximum stat guide for a while, can't wait to see what else you guys add!
Posted by Member sundowner77 on 8/1/12 07:37 PM #4
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I agree too. The AH tracker has help me to better understand the market and I'm now using your guide to get my staff of herding. Thanks!

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