HotA spec - My worst item?

Posted by Member ninjax on 12/12/12 10:41 AM #1
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Rate my worst item that I should upgrade next :D

If my profile shows firewalkers as my boots, they're not my usual. See on link above.

Usual boots are:
170 STR
69 DEX
123 VIT
79 Res All

Yes thats right folks, no movement speed at all on my items. Maybe Prowlers for more IAs and movement speed?

I haven't changed weapons for ages, so could be my offhand that has to go.

Posted by Member phamalot on 12/12/12 11:09 AM #2
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Are you aiming for more damage or health? Obviously, both would be ideal, but it's difficult to comment on upgrades without knowing your goals. That aside, here are the items I would upgrade first:
1) The Slayer-ring
I haven't checked ring prices recently, but seems to me you could buy a new one with better values for not that much.
2) Cindercoat
You can probably find a similar rare item WITH sockets.

Everything else, to me, looks solid! Hit me up in game sometime-there's a chance I have some items for ya.
Posted by Member ninjax on 12/13/12 02:37 AM #3
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I didn't think the slayer ring was too bad, searching similar comes up with 2 rings one starting at 200M other at 400M. Sounds like a good find but maybe I should look to sell it if I can get 100M+

Barb armour is sooooo expensive. I think that cindercoat is reasonable with the high vit roll, and the other randoms were both specific resistances.

I think I need more survivability, on MP7 I can't stand there and bash my way through packs like I can on MP5. Arcane/Desecration really hurts me on higher MP's.

Maybe I'm at the point where if I want to improve my gear much I need the $$$.
Posted by Member phamalot on 12/13/12 08:15 AM #4
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I can't believe that ring will sell for 100M+. My point in suggesting an upgrade to that ring was that it's the only thing you have with LoH, and with a HotA build, that's not gonna be as significant a life gain as life steal would add. I think the only reason your search yielded those values was because of the LoH.

But again, just my $0.02.
Posted by Member Buzzell on 12/13/12 01:07 PM #5
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Your bracers are big shits.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 12/13/12 06:03 PM #6
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Need help and racking onto your post. I am looking for a better build for ubers as my WW build seems to have issues. Was thinking throw but that's due to it being the only other build I know.

Any suggestions? If this build is good any link to research/guides?
Posted by Member Buzzell on 12/13/12 07:38 PM #7
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@zerokewl throw barb
Posted by Member ninjax on 12/14/12 01:16 AM #8
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Posted by Buzzell at 12/13/2012 01:07 PM

Your bracers are big [filtered]s.

Which ones were you looking at?

I usually use strong arm:

unless im doing MP7 with a friend I have STR/VIT/RES ones on :)
Posted by Member Buzzell on 12/14/12 09:35 AM #9
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@ninjax Strong arms are pretty good. you should see if you can get some bracers similar to the rares you have, but with cc.

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