Monk's Sixth Sense: Without a DPS Calculator

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Wanna do some guessing?

Attached are images of 4 0ff-hands which I have owned before.
Without a DPS Calculator, how much do you think is/(was?) the market price for each (or relative price between each in the same timezone/ patch)? Which is the one you think gives the most DPS to me? Player's circumstances are different, further info is that I have Inna Belt +8% Holy Damage and an Echoing Fury in mainhand.
I will supplement my highest market prices for each later. There is one which I still keep, and it is the one which gives me the highest DPS of all of them (don't look at them before making your attempt in guessing :P).

Remark: Alliance Mark's displayed weapon DPS is boosted by the Flawless Red Gem.....Should regard all these weapons as unsocketed in this exercise. Fell Ruin's crit damage is +92% (not clearly visible)



STOP reading further before making your guess 1


STOP reading further before making your guess 2


STOP reading further before making your guess 3


The DPS winner to me:
Alliance Mark. Reason:
1. 100% Back Damage Weapon - fully boosted by my Inna Belt's +8% Holy Damage
2. Slow 1.20 AS - proportionately boosted most by my mainhand's +0.2x Attack Per Second
3. High Dex

Prices: 25,50,50,50.

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