Posted by Member sleepindante on 8/1/12 05:03 PM #1
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I was just wondering if they are good at any level of the game? Or if they are just used for funsies?
Since I started playing, I've always dual wielded just because I thought it looked better.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/1/12 05:08 PM #2
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A Daibo is good if you want to do a infinite tempest rush build as the skill is built off speed of weapon. I haven't played with it much but it looks kinda fun.
Posted by Member bigmike84 on 8/1/12 08:21 PM #3
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I used a dalbo for a little while leveling and switched back to 1 handers quickly. Spirit generation was weak, even with the skill that increases it and the slow attack speed coupled with diminished LoH caused me to spam pots and skills every cooldown instead of when I needed them.
Posted by Member mucoromycotina on 8/1/12 08:30 PM #4
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I think using a 2-hander is mostly for high dps builds or the infinite tempest rush build linked above. However, in the case of pure dps, you're probably better off using a different 2-hand weapon type because some have higher base dps than daibos.
Posted by Member kryuor on 8/1/12 09:11 PM #5
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Wow, the video made it looks really fun, time to explore new monk build, getting bored of deadly reach attack :P I hope it will be a good way to collect gold in easier difficulty levels
Posted by Member yuncius on 8/2/12 06:37 AM #6
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If you're bored of deadly reach there's also always Fists of Thunder with Thunderclap.
Posted by Member silksauce on 8/2/12 12:28 PM #7
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Oh my god. That linked build is awesome. I was coming here to chime in and say that I don't think daibos are too viable. But after that video I am going to hit the auction house grab a decent daibo some movement speed and radius pickup boots, stack as much gold find as I can and shred through act 3 nightmare with my monk for that gold grind. THANK YOU ANUIRAN
Posted by Member gibsonpenguin on 8/2/12 02:01 PM #8
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Yeah it's good for tempest rush, but 2 hand mellee weapons in general arent as useful to a monk as dual wielding (extra attack spd, LoH, dex)
Posted by Member TheLastBaron on 8/2/12 04:38 PM #9
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Wow, great video you posted!
Posted by Member HitmanZero on 8/2/12 04:41 PM #10
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i 've used the daibo in all of hell. just got to act 1 inferno. i use the daibo because its cheaper than fists, lol.
Posted by Member zusias on 8/3/12 12:47 AM #11
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That infinite tempest rush does look really entertaining, you could probably get a bit more syncronization and make it even more awesome with the passive that heals based on spent spirit, a daibo that heals based on spent spirit, and some life on hit. Might be interesting to do... I'll probably end up doing that myself soon to see what kind of fun I can have with it.
Posted by Member Drayke on 8/5/12 11:35 PM #12
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I use a Tempest Rush build for farming Act I, and it's a ton of fun. It is absolutely the fastest way to farm! I didn't try to make it infinite, but it will easily let me zip down very long halls between combats at top speed. If you do get low on spirit, you can always rebuild it with a few T'clap shots on trash mobs, so you really don't need the infinite spirit.

The biggest weakness is that you pretty much have to give up two defensive passives, so you're kinda squishy for a melee build. You need good resists and armor, and I suggest carrying a good sword&board combo with some LOH and switching into it when you hit a nasty elite pack.

Incidentally, if you tried TR in the past and gave up on it because of the chronic rubberbanding, Blizz mostly fixed this just a few days ago, finally making TR a fast and fairly reliable way to get out of things like waller/molten/arcane traps. You just need to remember that you're not built for standing in crap and facetanking stuff. Be a bit more mobile and cautious and you'll be fine.

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