Twitch Cancer Raise

Posted by Member Mehsiah on 1/9/13 05:56 PM #1
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Alot of great games being played to help get rid of Cancer.
Posted by Member shniggies on 1/9/13 07:25 PM #2
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Posted by Member Khan on 1/9/13 07:44 PM #3
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I hate to be the Devil in the Details but this is from the Prevent Cancer Foundation's (the charity they're giving too) IRS Form 990

Grants and other assistance: $1,004,215
Compensation of Officers: $588,819
Salaries: $1,234,060
Total expenses: $5,208.648

So out of $5 million in expenses they gave $1 mil to research almost $2 for salaries and the rest as operating expenses...

Unsure if thats a wise donation on their part.
Posted by Member Mehsiah on 1/9/13 10:51 PM #4
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I was watching em cuz they beat Donkey Kong Country etc in 40mins, speedruns, haha.

Makes me wanna search my house for these games.

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