Price Check: Amulet - Dex/CHC/LOH/AR

Posted by Member metalfetus on 8/1/12 07:24 PM #1
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Don't have a pic right now, will have one later.

251 Dex
23 AllRes
318 LOH
Posted by Member Silveraaron on 8/1/12 07:35 PM #2
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5.5 million I'd say be a fair price
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/1/12 07:36 PM #3
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Fair amount of life on hit and a good amount i'd say easily 4-5m
Posted by Member thetrojan56 on 8/2/12 12:54 PM #4
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5 million and you're good.
Posted by Member imdahbes on 8/9/12 11:36 AM #5
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If only it had some attack speed, I'd pay 3m for it. I think 5m would be a bit much
Posted by Member Spig on 8/10/12 05:47 AM #6
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I'm with imdahbes, it's a mix between tank and dps. Full DPS players wont buy it due to no IAS or CD, however a Monk who wants tankyness and also likes to deal some damage may go for it.

4 million I'd pay.

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