Posted by Member mantice on 1/24/13 10:38 AM #1
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How many of you guys use Steam ?
If so what games do you play ?
I refuse to stop playing CSS since it came out.
Also always up for TF2, if anyone wants to play.
Just got Dota2 from a member on the site its different to say the least.

Add me steam account: Jakeshannon / IGN: Megalomaniac
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 1/24/13 03:33 PM #2
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I am interested in getting into DOTA2, I just have no idea how those style of games really work.
Posted by Member mantice on 1/24/13 06:02 PM #3
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Its a lot of fast pace strategy. Constantly have to coordinate attack's and defends while managing gold/buying items. I'm still learning a lot I think the hardest part is finding a character to play. So many to choose from.

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