Wife's D3 Wiz fanart

Posted by Member Ammostiel on 1/31/13 09:03 PM #1
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Finally completed, and I felt compelled to share.


This picture started long before I had her equipped with a Ward or a Chant's set, so it isn't all that much recent.

But I felt the Tyreal's was worthy of her time.

Hope you agree.
Posted by Member Khan on 1/31/13 09:06 PM #2
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Well done! Need to make one when they aren't with LVL 60 gear so she's showing some "assets".
Posted by Member douvinsky on 1/31/13 09:31 PM #3
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Nice one.....!
Posted by Member Baldy on 1/31/13 09:40 PM #4
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That is gorgeous! Well done! Huzzah!!!

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