Highest Heroscore on D3RMT

Posted by Member eleganthobo on 3/1/13 09:53 AM #1
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Was reading the Brag thread and thought, why not..

Basically, wear your "best" gear, upload it on diabloprogress.com, check your hero score, and post class/score/ next upgrade

Class / Heroscore
e.g. Barbarian / 20,000 / Mempo with crit

I'll upload mine when i get back from work.

Posted by Member nuhertz on 3/2/13 03:19 PM #2
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Just started working on him, and he overtook all my other characters!

Witch Doctor / 9,934 / Lots of items

I created him for farming high MP.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/2/13 04:40 PM #3
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Trying to post mine, but it won't seem to update. Has my 68 p barb as 37 p.

Heroscore: 9,489
Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/2/13 06:17 PM #4
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Oh and lowest items are my hellfire ring and my unity. Wonder what my soj would score at.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 3/2/13 06:28 PM #5
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Heroscore: 9,650
world: 50K+ (dh: 36326)
Americas: 50K+ (dh: 13532)
Lowest item: Hellfire ring, item score 273
Best item: Manticore, item score 2012

Edit: Actually, have the same problem as @zerokewl; don't think it's updating properly, cause it says my DH is only Paragon lvl 17, but he should be 29...

It did update my original sheet from a long time ago (the first time I hit the diabloprogress.com site was before there was even a paragon leveling system, so when I went to the site just now, it still had my unbuffed DPS for lvl 60 at around 82k; so at least that's been updated to an unbuffed DPS of 108.3k...)
Posted by Member Ammostiel on 3/2/13 10:25 PM #6
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Wiz / 11457

Next reasonable upgrade:
Gloves with better EHP

Next unreasonable upgrades:
APOC Chants source
6CC Mempo
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 3/2/13 10:28 PM #7
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Looking to upgrade to a mempo with 5 cc / 9 atkspeed or a lacuni with 9atkspd and AR > 50
Posted by Member Bort on 3/3/13 01:48 AM #8
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Heroscore: 11148
Class: Monk

I think I have a better amulet, but was too lazy to swap gear for now.
And have a Goldfind + Pickup radius Vile Ward, guess I can do better score there as well.
Posted by Member Raulz0r on 3/3/13 04:18 AM #9
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Heroscore: 8,916
Class: Barbarian
Next Upgrade: Find a 2bil item, and upgrading all my items.
Posted by Member Donvitomonte on 3/3/13 11:15 AM #10
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Heroscore: 10,977
Class: Monk
Next Upgrade: Mempo with higher crit, nat ring with crit, litany of undaunted, and better weapons

Posted by Member NightCrawler9 on 3/3/13 10:46 PM #11
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Posted by Member paulomei on 3/4/13 09:07 AM #12
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Class: Barbarian
Heroscore: 10,250
Updates: Ice Climbers, ias/crit chance ring when I get plvl 100 and Mempo with crit when hit 2B
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 3/28/13 01:15 PM #13
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I'm sure my Skorn would bump it up a bunch, it's it's too soggy and slow

Barb "Barb"
Heroscore: 11,744
world: 50K+ (barb: 19523)

Attacks per Second: 2.58
world: 27101 (barb: 1362) Woot!
Americas: 10053 (barb: 528) WOOT!!

My innas pants and my no AR shoulders are my lowest items. Can't afford lacunis and i'm still rolling shoulders as i get the DE's
Posted by Member hdvision on 3/28/13 06:53 PM #14
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Heroscore: 15,885
world: 16407 (wizard: 4320)
Americas: 4930 (wizard: 1283)
Posted by Member nuhertz on 3/28/13 09:32 PM #15
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Demon Hunter: Beckond

Heroscore: 10,938
world: 50K+ (dh: 28993)
Americas: 37853 (dh: 10130)
Posted by Member Mehsiah on 3/28/13 10:21 PM #16
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Aleria - Barb

HeroScore: 13,342
-- World: 45,463
-- America: 14,228

FOR BARBS --> World: 9374 // America: 2879
Posted by Member eleganthobo on 3/29/13 10:49 AM #17
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@mehsiah Good point in publishing rank within barbarians. The top end hero score varies quite a bit by class (wizards having the highest top end hero score). Damn blizzard, always nerfing us!
Posted by Member MrFox on 3/31/13 07:53 AM #18
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Posted by Member nuhertz on 4/18/13 09:36 AM #19
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Just realized my Barb overtook my others.

Heroscore: 12,030
world: 50K+ (barb: 21589)
Americas: 29822 (barb: 7128)

Trifecta jewelry will be my next upgrade.
Posted by Member muhawk83 on 4/18/13 05:15 PM #20
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I can't find my heroscore...is that bad?
Posted by Member muhawk83 on 4/18/13 05:21 PM #21
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wait found it!!! heroscore 10308 (wizard 36985) is that good?? Not sure...World and Americas 50K+

and next upgrade?? Umm...everything? Probably higher DPS Chant's Will??

Posted by Member alyu314 on 4/18/13 08:48 PM #22
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my wd:

Heroscore: 11,817
world: 50K+ (wd: 9469)
Americas: 32452 (wd: 2955)

so sad...

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