S> Tank Amulet / 1h 1k wand

Posted by Member liblib on 8/2/12 12:24 PM #1
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Posted by Member hecs on 8/2/12 12:54 PM #2
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lol nice amulet... realy nice...
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/2/12 03:30 PM #3
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I wish I could afford that wand for my wizard but currently broke because of this contest!
Posted by Member liblib on 8/3/12 01:38 AM #4
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IKR lol but too many whirlwind barb nowadays. Just asking tho how much is both of this in the rmah and gold mkt, its been quite some time. -.-
Posted by Member liblib on 8/6/12 07:16 AM #5
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Alright i've listed the wand on ah at cheap

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