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Posted by Member Baldy on 8/2/12 10:18 PM #1
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What a cozy little forum this is and kudos on the website design. Rather intuitive, i must say.

Just out of curiosity, what % mf was used in the finding of said rares? Will it be worth it to even enter?

As I said I'm just curious. I am not a TROLL lol.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/2/12 10:31 PM #2
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Mine is 213% but sometimes I was with friends and I am not entirely sure on their magic find. I doubt everyone will get an amazing item, but there's bound to be a ton of good items in a stack of 1710 :)
Posted by Member Baldy on 8/2/12 10:53 PM #3
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As another wise poster said...Came for the contest, stayed for the content. Good luck to all and especially me!!

Actually I have been using your site for about a month now...especially for the max stats page. What a great tool.

Wouldn't be able to AH without it ;)
Posted by Member xsoft on 8/3/12 05:14 AM #4
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Is it possible to obtain unid on EU servers in case of win?
Posted by Admin Artishir on 8/3/12 10:59 AM #5
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Posted by xsoft at 08/03/2012 05:14 AM

Is it possible to obtain unid on EU servers in case of win?
@xsoft At the moment its for NA servers only :( sorry! We may work on some different types of contests for EU servers (And everyone else) in the future!

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