anything you khan do...

Posted by Member shniggies on 5/17/13 05:38 PM #1
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@khan couldn't help but think of you...

click me
Posted by Member Khan on 5/17/13 08:16 PM #2
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Posted by shniggies at 05/17/2013 05:38 PM

@khan couldn't help but think of you...

click me

Holy crap! I had no idea Khan was in this. Definitely a must see now.

Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 5/19/13 02:21 AM #3
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This thread needs a ***SPOILER*** alert...! :-0

Haven't seen it yet, but a friend who had had already posted a blurb about "Khan" being the villain on FB (& was immediately bombarded with lots of angry comments...). So the surprise had already been spoiled for me before I even saw this thread....& regardless, I'm still going to see it on the big screen anyway, being the geek I am, but still... spoiler alerts are a good thing... :-)

Anyway, live long & prosper folks... :-)

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