Adding sockets & salvaging in the field- D3video

Posted by Member DePablo on 5/23/13 07:17 AM #1
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2:47 - 3:30 - Why isn't this content available in 2013?
Posted by Member ecocd on 5/23/13 09:04 AM #2
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If I recall correctly, the lady you rescue in the spider pit is supposed to have this functionality, but it was removed. That's why she has a unique character model, character portrait and is fully voiced. I think we're pretty much all betting on this being added in the expansion so only a 1-4 year wait!
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/23/13 06:49 PM #3
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It would be disturbing to be able to add a socket to a 2 socket Manticore. It would be godly at low level if I can add a socket to a level 1 weapon. In any case the existing econ will change face!
Posted by Member Bort on 5/24/13 08:17 AM #4
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I didn't watch the vid, butl... in diablo 2 addings sockets DID make things godly.
But you still had limits. couldn't add sockets to things that already has sockets, so if they used the same system as D2 you wouldn't be able to add another socket to Manticore.

Furthermore, one of the bigger problems (in my opinion) with this game is that gems don't have level requirements. My first play through was real challenge, because I used tiny gems I could pick up.
2nd run through was a piece of cake, because the moment I hit lvl 15 I put the biggest baddest gem in all my items and you became practically immortal for the next 20 levels. Sure, it enables people like me with bad connections to play HC, which I appreciate, but gems does make playing lower difficulties quite pointless.
Posted by Member ninjax on 5/24/13 11:13 AM #5
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Yep but blizz seem to have stated they don't care about levelling chars with Hellfire rings 0 level requirement.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 5/24/13 10:58 PM #6
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Adding socket to pants will unlock the achievement

"What an Addhole"
Posted by Member Socrates on 5/24/13 11:06 PM #7
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Don't play with Hellfire Rings or higher level gems if you don't like it..?

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