Hardcore... am I doing it wrong.

Posted by Member Bort on 6/25/13 01:41 AM #1
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The first time I played a HC char every fight was adrenaline filled.
Each boss fight was a big thing.

But now that I have played 7 chars to 60, and two to high 50s (4 of which died) I have found that levelling up a char has become a chore. And I find that I'd rather over-gear and have a safe fight than take the chance of having to restart. No risk... no adrenaline.

I guess playing inferno brings some of the rush back, but I have also found myself less willing to take the risks, simply because restarting is a schlep.

I don't enjoy public co-op with random stranger. And solo play is higher risk, not to mention the pain of Latency death.

Guess I have to play some softcore again... or find something new to take up my time.
Posted by Member h311o on 6/25/13 02:52 AM #2
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Hard to say what gives the most satisfaction of your needs - challenge, reasonable AH prices or the fun.
For me it's the challenge (except Belial) to get all classes to 60 (5 SC and 5 HC). But now as there are upgrades available on AH it's not as challenging as it was when we had to search for them ourselfs.
Now I'm on the way with my monk as you know and hope to get him there soon.
Barb will have to wait at lvl 56 till they get that rubberbanding down to where it was for me before patch 1.0.8. Don't want to loose him the same way my last one died. Entered hell weeping hollow and first elite pack to find was grotesque and short before they were to die I whirled away only to be pulled back (rubberbanding) in the middle of the eplosion. RIP
Never want this to happen again
Posted by Member douvinsky on 6/25/13 06:47 AM #3
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Maybe your focus has changed.

When I first started Hardcore, I was ready to face death (& reroll many many times), no matter how early it could be. Now this stage is over. I am now in Inferno and playing more cautiously, I believe death is still inevitable, but I am trying to delay it. With Patch 1.08 I am 100% on co-op which is supposed to be safer, at least on a disconnect/ crash situation. I actually enjoy the co-op much more than playing solo and I have made plenty of new friends.

I still experience adrenalin rush once in a while, perhaps not on MP1 but MP4+. When I haven't upgraded my gears I had a tough time at MP5, NDE procs almost every game, and I had to run like a little girl from MP6. Then it is the process of improving myself to be able to handle MP5, and I am happy that I can now tackle MP5 with ease.

Being in Hardcore, it just mean that I still need to treat each fight with respect. Any complacency or mistake would tend to put my toon to death. Yesterday at VoTA we saw these long legs creature spamming disco balls at the stairs while we were approaching from the roundabout. I actually TR myself up the stairs and start vortex them on the high open ground, as I think that should be the best way to fight them. My teammates didn't follow immediately and I saw a comment that it was quite risky. At the end we were all up the stairs and fighting them at the open space. Did I do the thing right? I don't know, but I sure have thought it over and calculated all the risks, taking into account my cooldown, MP level (4), whether my teammates would follow, the affixes presented. I don't think I would give a #$$% about all these if I am playing at Softcore.

Just my story.
Posted by Member Bort on 6/25/13 07:41 AM #4
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I have given this some more thought... and my conclusion is quite strange. I think HC is too easy at the start. Fun in hell diff. And then too scary in inferno.

Normal and Nightmare diff is not a challenge, but it is still time consuming. But really once you hit your first socket you cruise all the way to about lvl 51 and hell diff starts.

The problem is, this cruising time still takes a couple of hours. Maybe 10 or so. (Yeah, I know people can do it a lot faster, but that is on average what it takes me). The problem is I have much more limited playtime since my daughter was born. So now the 10 hours is spread over several days, and it all feels like a pointless fainful journey till where the real challenge starts.

Now... I can already see everyone starting their responses. "Play self-found" "Play harder MP" etc. etc.
And I guess that might be what is needed at this point.

And yes, I realize I'm very much the cause of my own pain. On the one hand I don't want to deliberately play with junk gear if I have better ones. On the other hand I don't want to play with good gear for hours, just to go die in inferno and restart the journey through Normal/Nightmare/Hell.

Bah... I just don't know.

Posted by Member douvinsky on 6/25/13 08:41 PM #5
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For veterans, it is true that HC is easy at Normal and Nightmare levels. Hell level needs a bit of gear check, while there are pretty of cheap decent rares to well equip one for Inferno MP0-1.

On the one hand I don't want to deliberately play with junk gear if I have better ones. On the other hand I don't want to play with good gear for hours, just to go die in inferno

To me it is an endless pursuit of keep improving my toon, until she bites the dust. As a support monk I seek to always improve my EHP for survival and scaling up to higher MPs. I need not worry so much about my DPS but occasionally I would try to boost it to make myself feels good looking at the sheet DPS.

Some would go all the way to equip all the GG gears and not worry about dying which would gear sink all those billions. Some would equip only great items, and save gold just in case they need to reroll when the misfortune happens. However, we are all mentally prepared for the inevitables some day. If Hardcore is the unprotected sex, we opt for it and we make love. We do not opt for it then not do it because we are afraid of pregnancy.
Posted by Member Bort on 6/25/13 10:54 PM #6
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Posted by douvinsky at 06/25/2013 08:41 PM

To me it is an endless pursuit of keep improving my toon...

I think you hit the nail on the head there. What's causing my problems. The "improving my toon" becomes a gear hunt. I stop feeling that my toon is improving once I hit 60. I played a ton of diablo 2, but never really got into HC. The furthest I ever got was middle nightmare diff. So there the challenge has always been to see how far I can go.

With D3 on the other hand, I have finished HC Inferno. (Ok, only once, on my monk, and MP0 only). So all that is left is the grind to get better gear. Only, it's an endless loop. Get better gear for higher mp for better gear.
And I guess once I start grinding it feels much less rewarding.

Now... if only I can convince myself that Diablo 3 has 14 difficulty levels (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno Mp0 to MP10), and I'm not done until I have finished the highest then I'm far from done. And there is a reason to keep going.
Posted by Member yoyo on 6/26/13 04:47 AM #7
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You ARE far from done my good man. :) If you find a good group of players to run with you will be able to challenge yourself on the higher mp's. Right now I'm finding mp5 to be quite scary and fun. I don't even think about the gear. Yes, I pick it up as it drops but I am far more concerned with staying alive and doing everything I can to make sure my teammates stay alive as well. Run a higher mp with a good group and you will probably rediscover the fun and thrill that HC used to give you. Not to mention when you run a higher mp the gear will take care of itself.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 6/26/13 06:21 AM #8
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^ as what @yoyo said. Listen to the man!
Posted by Member Grumpy on 7/1/13 09:44 AM #9
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YOYO is the bomb......full of information and great to run with.

PS.....got that shield.......still don't like it......25k overall dps loss and can't kill elites in MP1


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