My Build for Act I MF-set run

Posted by Member Danmit on 8/4/12 11:02 AM #1
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Hey guys, what's up?

Just wanted to share with you my build for farming with MF set.
My equip is all cheap items from the AH or dropped by me (several pieces need to be replaced yet), but I can farm this act very comfortably.

Right now my stats are like this: 198% MF without NV, 14k DPS, 6k armor, 760 resist all, crit chance 15%>150% crit dmg.


This build has no secrets, as long as you have some crit chance and good resists, you can make it easy.
The shield grants aditional protection and 18% MF too (use it!).


Hope you try it!

Posted by Member Danmit on 8/4/12 01:55 PM #2
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Update: changed a few pieces, now i'm at 215% MF without NV, 15k DPS, 6.2k armor, 760 resist all, crit chance 19%>174% crit dmg.

This is the best progress I made in a couple weeks!
MF ftw!
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/4/12 03:33 PM #3
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That's a pretty nice MF set :) Act 1 with a lot of MF can actually be pretty damn decent, I myself prefer act 2 though.
Posted by Member zusias on 8/6/12 02:18 PM #4
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That's a pretty solid gearset, and definitely the 200+ MF while being able to clear through Act 1 is great, my question is do you feel you need three survivability skills and two mantras with the rest of your stats?

My gear set is pretty similar, within a reasonable margin on most values except having no life steal and 1k+ life on hit (500+ from a blue amulet for 100k) and I'm working my way up currently through 110% mf.

In act 1 I run something close to this build and I like the speed at which I can clear things with it. I'm not sure if the life on hit vs life steal makes a big difference, but I absolutely love running with sweeping wind, and with your crit % I'd say you could try going with the Cyclone rune on sweeping wind and you'd really be able to clear stuff out. Just a suggestion.
Posted by Member Danmit on 8/7/12 05:13 AM #5
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I run a Cyclone build too!
I think there was a problem 'cause I've made the build in portuguese brazilian website, let's try it again Here is my build.

Right now I'm like this

I found out that MF gear + huge vit works pretty well on followers! You should try it too..
My enchantress has like 63k HP and almost never dies.

Posted by Member zusias on 8/7/12 11:01 PM #6
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You have almost no life on hit and less than 600 resistances. I'm surprised you're able to farm Act 1. Clear, definitely, but do you have trouble with certain elite packs?

I run a templar as my companion, I'm trying to get ahold of a three hundredth spear or a sun keeper for his weapon but other than that I could really care less about my follower. I have a decent +mf bonus from them and that's enough for me.
Posted by Member Danmit on 8/10/12 07:54 PM #7
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My life goes down pretty fast, but if I take too long to kill the pack, I may have to fall back to avoid something on the ground.
Buy usually I get killed once every 3~5 runs
Posted by Member laturalus on 8/15/12 08:45 PM #8
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Thats my farming build. 255mf/246gf before NV. No life on hit, and low resistances. Dont have any problems at all with a cursed hold run starting with forsaken woods---->cemetary----->both highlands---->then to warden and butcher. Have no idea how many packs that is I would guess 20-25 and takes about an hour. I know the dmg isnt great with this gear, but they go down pretty quick. Ill die once in a while if I get two packs together or Im not paying attention and get blown up by a molten minion that just went down.

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