The Spider Gang (A Unique Collection)

Posted by Member Bloodbathe on 8/1/13 06:29 AM #1
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I’ve been working on my “Unique Collection” by running the Caverns of Araneae (still need all 4 super uniques):
Qurash the Reviled
Rathlin the Widowmaker
Zhelobb the Venomous

I’ve cleared the caverns over 50 times in the past couple nights (Inferno MP2-MP5), but I've only ever found "Arsect the Venomous" (~5 times).

Has anyone seen the 4 bountied super-uniques as of late, or am I just on a string of bad luck?
Posted by Member nuhertz on 8/1/13 06:36 AM #2
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I've seen all but Zhelobb, he's my elusive last one.

There's a great group in the official forums that will help you find these faster:

Good luck, and if you find Zhelobb, let me know!

@Bloodbathe You can add me and we can both run in seperate games. If I find one you need, I'll invite you!
Posted by Member Bort on 8/1/13 06:57 AM #3
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Sorry to say, but 50 run's is not nearly enough to get all 4.

Some uniques took me in the order of 200 runs to get.

So yes, you are unlucky, but when hunting unique that's not even counted as bad.
Posted by Member Bloodbathe on 8/1/13 08:28 AM #4
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@nuhertz - I'll add you tonight and let you know if I see your pal Zhelobb.

For sure I would never expect to squash all 4 bugs in only 50 runs, but when Arsect spawned 5 times (but none others), I got concerned I was just running circles. Thanks for the advice.
Back to the grind...
Posted by Member nuhertz on 8/1/13 10:42 AM #5
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FYI, Arsect is not even on the achievement list. I would classify him more as a quest than a unique. Similiar to the Chupa Khazra in the field just after the Caverns. Pretty frequent spawn. The uniques on the achievement list are usually more rare, and they vary quite a bit in terms of spawn rate.
Posted by Member Bort on 8/4/13 02:32 AM #6
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Oh yeah. @nuhertz makes a very important point. I didn't even pick up on that. Yip, Arsect spawns way way much more than any of the others.

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