Why I'll never buy console verison...

Posted by Member Mehsiah on 9/9/13 11:41 AM #1
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So theres been alot of hype over the release of D3 on console. Ive been watching the past few days of streamers and its getting to the point I wont watch anymore "Console" play. Yes, alot of people play the console and don't play like the **** head community of streamers do, but after seeing what Ive been seeing, Why waste more money? PC > Console any day.

-- People are hacking their games already with guides on Youtube of how to. Saw one streamer with a hacked account who had 4000k dmg, yes 4000k dmg with like 123,000 strength. Another streamer Indigo* claims to be P100 already which was also hacked to achieve it since there is no way to be 100 already when the top person is 45 atm. Also the whole duping going on, trading items, resetting, restarting game just to have the items you traded back on your character is just stupid. The list goes on and on... --

I know alot of people would love an offline mode for PC which was clarified that it "will never happen" but I'd rather have security in place playing online then widespread duping and hacking. Whats everyone's take on D3 console?
Posted by Member nuhertz on 9/9/13 11:46 AM #2
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Pretty much this.

I think the loot drops are actually *too* good. (Please go easy on the flames for this comment......)

After 70 hours of play, ZwuckeL has a 450k dps barb. Sounds done to me. Now what?

If you only play one class, the game is over after that much time. No AH to play, no new piece of loot to find, just other classes to level and achievements.

So all that's left is to sell all your gear.......oh wait.

I like the initial playthrough of console, but for longevity, I think the PC version is superior. Not to mention I love my mouse and keyboard.

I guess if there was a more casual way to play Diablo 3, this is it. It does that well. It's a good game. It's just not for me.
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 9/9/13 02:29 PM #3
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Apparently putting on, taking off and the putting on some items that give set bonuses (like +130 Intel) would permantly inflate your main stats each time:


•Fixed an issue that caused specific set bonuses on the following four item sets to permanently modify a hero’s core stats (STR, DEX, INT, or VIT) each time they were equipped and the hero was loaded into the game:
•Blackthorne's Armor
•Endless Path
•Guardian's Contingency
•Zunimassa's Whispers

Please note that this hotfix will only prevent new occurrences of the bug. In order to correct core stats on heroes who were affected by this bug prior to the hotfix going live, we will need to provide a separate patch (for PS3 users) and title update (for Xbox 360 users). We're currently hoping to deploy this patch/title update by the end of the month, and will provide another update once it's live.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 9/9/13 02:34 PM #4
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I think they are different experiences. The console crowd generally moves onto new games quickly, the idea that they get a lot of good items quickly just kinda fits.

Edit: Oh and yeah there are a ton of things like that on the console. It's just kinda the normal, people have been duping 100,000+ demonic essences so they can craft whatever they want.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 9/10/13 05:36 AM #5
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The last & only console I've ever owned is an Atari 2600....which, for some reason, I doubt they'll ever make a version of D3 for... :-D IMHO, PC games are always going to be superior to console games--cause no matter how many buttons you can cram onto your game controller, it's never going to exceed the number of keys you have on your keyboard... ;-)
Posted by Member Bort on 9/10/13 10:45 AM #6
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@eastdragon42 even though I agree with your statement (pc is in my opinion also far supirior to console), your logic is technically flawed.

Computers are known to suffer from "keylock" which is something you never encounter on a console controler. :P

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