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Posted by Member Mehsiah on 10/16/13 08:03 PM #1
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So after cleaning my room I noticed I still had my old monitor from a year ago that broke in a thunderstorm. After looking at it, I figured Id look on youtube for maybe a fix. Light kept coming on but screen would never turn over. After getting everything open, it was a few camposters* that blew. Went today and someone fix the 2 that were broke for 20$ since I Don't know how to smolder etc. After putting everything back together, its works!

So now I have dual monitors hooked up to my PC. Here is my question: Is the 2nd monitor response time suppose to be slow or is it just that my PC can't handle 2 monitors at a time?

Just typing this, the txt shows up slower then im actually typing. Any info on this? Currently doing desktop attached settings.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 10/16/13 08:33 PM #2
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I have no issues with lag on my dual monitor set up. It has to be your graphics card (perhaps cpu) that is having issues.
Posted by Member Mehsiah on 10/16/13 10:04 PM #3
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Well seems I fixed the error with the slow response time on internet. Seems Chrome etc has a feature in options called, Hardware Acceleration, I disabled it after reading topics on it and now everything is smooth. Typing to web surfing to watching Twitch.tv is back to like having just 1 monitor.

While playing D3 and just webpage on other monitor, I get alittle boggy-ness but nothing rly bad. I def need a new video card in the future, GeForce 9800, SERVERY OUTDATED, haha. It doesnt even have Graphics Acceleration on it for programs like XSplit when I stream in the future.

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