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Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/26/13 11:32 PM #1
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Yes, this is a new diary. I will talk about most things in Hardcore without limiting to one toon in this diary.

No, I wrote this not because I lost another main, but rather because I just it is time for me to write something again.

What's old:

Part I - V : My first venture into Hardcore which was full of excitement. I was levelling up 5 classes in MP10 (initially). Three made it to 60 (Barb, Wizard, Demonhunter), lost two (WD and monk) prematurely to game lag.

Part VI : Witch Doctor, lost her to game freeze at P(67)

Part VII : BumbleBee - lost this Skorn monk to game freeze at P(94)

Part VII(a) : BumbleBeeII - finally a first toon to reach P(100)

Part VIII : FightTruPain - a barb which I originally tried to max MF and leech the PUB, but I lost interest and he became a mule.

What's new:

1. After BumbleBeeII reached P(100), I shelved her and level up another clone BumbleBeeIII. She is now P(77) after 47 hours played. She is a ZDS (zero DPS support) monk geared towards full support at high MP (MP8-10), particularly to CoB WDs.

2. I also just hit level 60 with my wizard, WisdomToLive, last night. This means now I have all 5 classes at 60 at Hardcore. I didn't have much experience playing a wizard, but some GG reduced level crafts and items manage to get him survive through blatant mistakes. It was a mixture of solo and powerlevel pre-Hell, and it was solo MP10 Hell all the way to The Butcher, then scaled down to MP5 in Act II.

I still play Diablo III quite often, it is about a couple of hours a day. I mainly play with my ZDS monk when there is a good closed group going, and since I levelled my wizard to 60 I might try some low MP pub with an Archon build. I also troll the battle net hardcore forum often and make comments now and then.

Any question or just looking for someone to play with in Hardcore? Let me know!
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/27/13 12:22 AM #2
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Farming wise, I basically just run w/e the groups are interested to do.

The hype now is the so called "Crypt Run" in A1. I heard some WD (Blackmage) recently reached P(100) under 60 hours by just running crypts. Other than Crypt Run, it is mainly what we now call them "normal" run which consist of 5 stacks from Festering (& Leoric Manor), then straight to cemetery waypoint to check on shrine before heading to Field of Mistery (FoM). If we are bored we will do the Weeping Hollow (statistically claimed to yield about 70% of XP/ hour of FoM) too.

So what is this Crypt Run? For those of you who are new to this run:

Crypt Run (Decaying Crypt in FoM) involves the followings:

1) A Runner (usually a tanky Barb or TR monk) quickly search in FoM if the Crypt spawn
- you can determine this under 30 seconds, according to a post by BattleBra at the official forum about the map layout

2) If Crypt not found, NG. If found, the runner will run into the Crypt level 1, start to aggro all those "puking" mother ("prepping" the crypt") so that they can puke more monsters (up to 4th generation of puking) for more XP later. The Runner will finally run into the Crypt level 2 for the others to banner in and save the portal.

3) Meanwhile, the other three players should have been invited into the game. They can go "pre-clear" the Festering Wood while the runner is prepping the crypt. The objective is to start DPS those elites until they are nearly die. Don't kill them until the runner has finished prepping the crypt and is together to get the NV stacks. Only need 3 stacks from Festering (the remaining 2 stacks can be obtained from Crypt level 2).

4) So, runner in level 2, all others banner to him and portal out to town. Runner switch to other toon if necessary.

5) All go get 3 NV from the festering, then at least one player who has the portal saved at Crypt level 2 has to walk to the WP, WP to town and portal in to Crypt level 2. The rest can then banner on him. Get the remaining 2 stacks from the R chest and the Event.

6) With 5 stacks NV, go farm XP in level 1 backwards. Finish clearin? Rinse and repeat.

I typically run MP7-10 for Crypt Run, and each of these run yields more than 50m XP per run and each run takes us just over 10 minutes. Hence, it is a good >200m XP per hour. There is lots of trash mobs (including those from puking creatures) in Crypt and not many elites, an ideal place for massacre at higher MP!

Posted by Member hdvision on 10/27/13 05:06 PM #3
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Some more info on the crypt runs:

Suggested runner builds and a quick picture to finding the crypt right off the way point.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/28/13 01:04 AM #4
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Posted by hdvision at 10/27/2013 05:06 PM

Some more info on the crypt runs:

Suggested runner builds and a quick picture to finding the crypt right off the way point.

Thanks for the link.
That's a very complete and neat write-up there.

I might consider getting a runner myself. My monk can already perma-TR to prep it (just need to swap out MoC for MoH 3 spirits and I would have near 15 spirit regen per second while standing at 1.4 attack speed, 15 >10 x 1.4hence perma), but I experience game freeze once in a while hence I am not prepping crypt with my current active ZDS monk.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/28/13 07:16 AM #5
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Got help from GEO on Hell Diablo WP and my Wizard can step into Inferno haha.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 10/29/13 08:32 PM #6
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Leoric Signet...........Probably a worthy item to park my gold at?

The other strength roll Leoric Signet with 30% bonus experience were listed for 150m or more. Saw this listed for 80m and decided to grab it for my coming Crusader.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/4/13 01:26 AM #7
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RIP Hoffy.

KornKills is right about WD dies every day. I have seen many deaths, but Hoffy's is not in a fair way.

He died to a stupid game mechanic. Game froze for him. He is in a great party but there was no way we knew the disconnect has happened.

We cleared the patch right outside Crypt Level 2, and move on to the stairs (as shown in the picture). Hoffy was a few steps behind us positioning still. I thought he was replying message to friends in game. I could see him on my minimap, and I kept watching his health bar. Suddenly the system said he has left the game, then suddenly it seems like he was re-entering the game not with his account name but his toon name (system didn't say he rejoined), then immediately after that the system said he is slained. I only managed to see his HP suddenly shot down to 75% then immediately to 0%. I guess it was a delay from the game to all of us.

Haven't seen him online again. People get burnt out.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/4/13 01:30 AM #8
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Took a 1 to 1 tutorial on Archon Wizard given by Silvont, a nice player who has gotten all 5 classes to P(100) at Hardcore.

Finally I understand more about the game play mechanics of Archon, and how some of my previous skills were LOL.

The attached image is from Crypt run, where Silvont was on his Bell monk. The other two players are Calcstud, a WD with >240k DPS on sheet, and VileSinger, a casual woman player who helped us prepping the Crypt and Weeping Hollow on her barb.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/4/13 01:34 AM #9
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Bought an upgrade for 50m.

A friend Zodd is building up a ZDS monk, and found this 1D11hr Madstone with -5 cyclone in the AH. He asked me if it is good. I said hell yea. It was outside his budget, when I learned that I immediately quit my game and bought it out, since previously I lost a 170m bid on a similar stat Madstone. Sold my old Madstone with -3 cyclone at 5m for him.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/4/13 01:35 AM #10
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Playing my Wizard while waiting for players needing my ZDS monk for high MPs.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/5/13 12:21 AM #11
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Kornkills is right about his classic statement: "WDs die every day".

I am just trying to save as many as I could.

I was invited by LimeLoight into MP8 crypt runs, together with Sully and Chase. It was my favourite set up of ZDS TR Monk + 3 CoBs. LimeLoight gtg after one game and we had Khai as replacement.

At Crypt level 2, I noticed Chase's WD was spirit walking into a patch, but bumped into the wall. I was thinking what a weird position and weird behaviour, although it still works with my Implosion radius if he decided to cast his bats there. He wasn't casting bats and the mobs were already chewing at him. Saw his HP downed to like 10%. I tempest rushed in, casted my 4 second Blinding Flash. The other team members arrived and we cleared the mobs.

According to Sully, in his previous game with me, I saved another WD too....Noobinator. That was a harder save for me as we were pre-clearing the FW and there was no DPSer around us. But I utilised Blinding Flash, Tempest Rush, and Cyclone away the mobs for the good duration until Blizzard registered his DC.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/7/13 08:37 PM #12
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Archon wizard seems easy to play so far (after attending the tutorial given by Silvont!).

Transferred some Zuni gears from my WD to Wizard, and spent a little bit more gold on my wizard to make him looks better:

1) Black Damage (!) Weapon

Won this at a bid of 46m

2) Triumvirate with 6-6-6, good for black weapon hehehe

I think about 10m?

Now sitting at 133k DPS unbuffed.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/7/13 08:42 PM #13
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Just when I was counting I roughly need another 30 hours to hit P(100), I commited a silly mistake, and BumbleBeeIII RIP due to my stupid mistake.

Lesson learned:
Always play with a clear head...............never banner on the first elite fight without asking if it is safe, especially if it is MP9!

Full RIP thread at the official forum:
RIP BumbleBeeIII

Well, time for BumbleBeeIV. Enrock gave her a kick start to lvl18. With her helm, she looks like a silly chicken?
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/8/13 07:22 PM #14
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Shopped for a few gears for the upcoming BumbleBeeIV:

1. BT Ammy with AR = 10m/ Xephirian Ammy with 2.33 SR, AS & Armor = 3m (super 1d11hr bargain)
2. Madstone with a hole = 8.5m (what a bargain, might flip this, since no reduced cyclone)
3. Shenlong's Relentless Assault with high LoH & over 2 spirits = 2.5m (what a bargain)
4. Stormshield with 183 vit 24% block = 10m
5. BT belt with 72 AR and high strength = 70m (ouch)
6. IK gloves with AR & MF = 10m
7. Xephirian Amulet with vital for 4.5m
8. SoJ with -2 cyclone for 12m
9. Fist with no AS, 2.43 SR, socket and LoH for 3m.

Overall most of the basic gears are not overly expensive.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/9/13 04:05 AM #15
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Ending Nightmare.
Posted by Member douvinsky on 11/16/13 03:58 AM #16
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MP8 with 3 ZDS + 1 CoB:

3 ZDS + 1 CoB MP8 : Still smooth as butter

RIP my P(22) Wizard due to game freeze

RIP Wisdom to Live

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