2 Months till RoS - How are you feeling about it?

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 1/20/14 04:23 PM #1
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With only two months to go, are you guys still excited? My time in the beta has made me hopeful. The new legendary items actually feel legendary and I have changed my build numerous times to try out new play styles after finding a legendary.

Rifts have a lot of potential but right now they seem rather pointless. Unless it's a rift full of Treasure Goblins, Bounties are always more rewarding which sucks. But that's something they could easily fix by tweaking the rewards for Rifts, the rest of Rifts is absolutely awesome.

However my main concern right now is with 2 months to go we still don't have any end game really. I was really hoping for a ladder system but there still has been no word on the topic. There is a lot of new features in the expansion that will definitely be entertaining for months, but I can't hope but feel a ladder or some other end game system would help a lot.

What's new in RoS? Video.
Posted by Member Bort on 1/20/14 10:50 PM #2
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I actually feel quite odd about the whole thing. I was real excited when D3 came out. But this time I don't feel any more exited about the expansion than I was with any of the patch releases. Actually much less tbh.

I bought and downloaded mine. And I know I'll go through the motions, level up all my classes to 70, try out the new features/areas. But as a whole I don't really expect to be "wow"ed.

And I deliberately try to avoid playing beta, or even reading what the new features will be so that stuff feels new to me when I try it.

I mean, with 2 months to go you will be bored with it before it even release if they didn't add something spectacular.

Also... ironically. I have only started making some gold on the AH over the last month.
Posted by Member rschuyl2 on 1/21/14 08:42 AM #3
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I was very excited, but now not as much, probably because of all the talk on the forums of there still being no end game. Also, all the complaints about BOA along with the reduced drop rate of legs. Hopefully this will be tweaked before release.

I only have access to the PTR. I leveled up a new barb and also played a little with my current good vanilla gear. I enjoyed it, but without access to ROS, I lost interest quickly and went back to vanilla. I have not been on PTR since before the recent update. Like Bort, I will likely stay away from it until release so that it feels new.

I'm currently not even playing vanilla since a friend recently got me into playing DDO. All I'm doing now is selling off my extra gear for gold to use once ROS hits.
Posted by Member Mylton on 1/21/14 09:23 AM #4
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I wouldn't say I am excited but i do feel optimistic that RoS will bring new life to the game - even if it doesn't give it the staying power D2 had for me.

The flip side is that having messed around on the PTR just enough to get a feel for some of the skill changes has caused me to lose all motivation to play until release. I personally dont like playing on Beta/Test servers because Personally I don't like playing with the knowledge that my progress will be wiped arbitrarily at the next patch and the overall feel of the improvements makes me not want to play vanilla either.

Ultimately this just motivated me to go down to GameStop and pick up cheap used copies of some games for my 360 that I passed on at initial release - which should keep me entertained for the next 2 months.

On another note is anyone else planning on taking a couple days off the week of release to play? I am personally planning on retiring my barbarian and starting all new characters at level 1 to "relearn" the game with the new re balanced skills.

If anyone is interested in joining me please send me a friend request in game.
Posted by Member theoryzero on 1/21/14 11:49 AM #5
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I'm not in the RoS beta. I actually shelved D3 for about 6 months to take a break, but a friend recently sucked me back in. I have preordered RoS CE.

I tried the 2.01 PTR for a couple hours and mostly liked it. There are so many tweaks, and I really like the stats on the new Diamond gem. I don't understand some of the changes: new difficulties are confusing to me compared to the current state of the game. Also, I'm not very excited about Legendaries being BoA. I'm happy if they modify the game so you don't need the AH, but sharing gear with my friends is one of those things I've loved doing since way back in D2.

I've been reading the forum talk from the MVPs and it /sounds/ doom and gloom. However, my WD was able to find two Legendaries on Expert in one hour. This was two weeks ago, so I have not yet tried the PTR on the latest patch. I can't comment on any of the RoS-specific stuff they mention, but I feel like they are still tuning things.

Also, yes RoS is 2 months away. However, I participated in the vanilla D3 beta. They were changing things a LOT up until release. You'd only get to play to level 13 or so in that beta, but monster HP was changing wildly, skill orders changed frequently, etc. Lots of tuning (and some character wipes) happened before the first release. Of course, vanilla D3 has changed so much since then as well. I just mention this because the MVP complaints act like this is going to be the final version of the game. Having participated in a few Blizzard betas in the past, I feel like that is absolutely not the case. And yes, Blizzard has been receiving a ton of feedback, but it takes time to process, implement, and test those changes before they can put them up on the beta. One of the reasons I haven't spent much time on the PTR is because who knows what will change by the time it's released. Planning ahead seems like a waste of time, the only thing that matters is what the game is like when it goes live.

I expect that RoS won't come out of the gate perfect, but I have confidence Blizzard will address some of the issues that have been mentioned. My guess is they are playing around with Legendary drop rates to see what the beta testers do, that seems to be the largest complaint.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 1/21/14 11:43 PM #6
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Haven't been playing too much D3 recently, aside from the AH. Mainly cause of my newborn son, but also because the D3 grind for paragon levels was starting to wear me down. Probably doesn't help any that I still pick up & identify all rares in the hopes of getting something worthwhile, which really slows me down quite a bit (especially when my stash space & mule characters are all totally full as well...).

Indeed, most of my gaming routine in recent months has involved checking the AH, re-listing stuff, and then loading up SC2 for some 3v3 or 4v4. Only have one IRL friend in my D3 list who still plays, so the only time I ever play is when he's online (usually do kw runs or Uber runs...).

I was actually able to get my access to the RMAH restored while I was in the states for X-mas, which was nice...pretty cool to *finally* be able to post some stuff there to sell, in the few short months before the whole thing disappears.. Only made two sales so far, but can't complain about having +$9 in my Battle.net Balance.

I've never really played any of the betas either--perhaps for a combination of reasons similar to @Mylton (i.e., don't like knowing that any progress made is just going to be wiped clean) and @Bort (i.e., I want the game content to feel new to me when I try it)...

So while I'm a bit excited about RoS coming out, at the same time, it's a bit depressing knowing that all my gear that I've worked so hard to attain is also going to become pretty much worthless at that time. Ho hum. Guess it's a love/hate relationship.

Just my two cents...
Posted by Member theoryzero on 1/22/14 08:18 AM #7
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@eastdragon42 I do debate whether to sell my gear now, not that it is probably worth that much. It'd be nice to get something, but I don't want a severe handicap when the expansion drops either.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 1/22/14 12:47 PM #8
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Posted by theoryzero at 01/22/2014 08:18 AM

@eastdragon42 I do debate whether to sell my gear now, not that it is probably worth that much. It'd be nice to get something, but I don't want a severe handicap when the expansion drops either.

I honestly recommend you just keep the basics and sell the rest while you can. You will be finding upgrades while leveling up and there is no real reason to have awesome gear unless you want to hit level 70 a little bit quicker.
Posted by Member Bort on 1/22/14 10:46 PM #9
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I only ever looted 1 really great item. Tri-fecta Natalya ring.

Which I never thought I would sell. But I also came to the conclusion that hanging on to any of my current gear is pointless.

In the end I was able to sell it for 13 Euro and this made a significant dent in the cost of ROS, which I bought entirely out of RMAH sales.

So at the very least I would argue that if you have enough gear to sell on RMAH, or sell for gold, which you can then sell on RMAH then do so at least to get ROS for "free".
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 1/24/14 08:07 AM #10
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I paid for the regular version of RoS with the $60 I had in Battle.net balance from selling things on the RMAH.

I am pretty excited for the expansion. I don't have beta access but I REALLY LOVE the way my Arcane Orb wizard feels on the PTR. When I use my usual Obliteration rune, the orbs fly out so fast and then they explode for over 500% weapon damage instead on the 260% on Live. They deal even more damage when I increase the Area Damage by using Paragon Points.

Speaking of Paragon Points, I really like how I can add the Attack Speed that my wizard is lacking (only 16%). It does not give me as much DPS as increasing my Crit Chance (I have 57.5% right now) but I do like being able to attack faster because it allows me to build up more Arcane Power using my Spectral Blades and my Crits.

I don't feel like I need more crit chance because my Chantodo source buffs the crit chance of my Arcane Orbs by 8% which means my main damage dealing spell crits two thirds of the time when I cast it.

And finally I can't wait to get my wizard gauntlets on the black hole spell and the Unwavering Will and Audacity passive skills.
Posted by Member Bort on 2/18/14 12:18 AM #11
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I need this expansion to come out quickly, I find myself looking back at WOW, and I need diablo to keep me away from that time-draining drug. :)
Posted by Member h311o on 2/18/14 12:24 AM #12
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Just prepurchased RoS and can't wait for it to hit the live servers 8) even though I have no Beta access and have to watch yt or twich to get a feeling for it.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/18/14 02:22 AM #13
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Posted by h311o at 02/18/2014 12:24 AM

Just prepurchased RoS and can't wait for it to hit the live servers 8) even though I have no Beta access and have to watch yt or twich to get a feeling for it.

Nothing wrong with going in blind! Just means you will be surprised by any new feature you find.
Posted by Member Bort on 2/18/14 04:24 AM #14
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Posted by h311o at 02/18/2014 12:24 AM

Just prepurchased RoS and can't wait for it to hit the live servers 8) even though I have no Beta access and have to watch yt or twich to get a feeling for it.

I'm purposefully going in blind so that everything can feel new and shiny.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 2/21/14 12:45 AM #15
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Have some questions regarding the RMAH:

As I mentioned in my 1/21/14 post in this thread, I finally got my access to the RMAH restored over the Christmas holiday. However, I do not have any sort of Battle.net authenticator set up (either the physical one or the smartphone app one), as I was worried that doing so might send another red flag to Blizzard that I'm back in Asia again (thereby blocking me from the RMAH once again). Does anyone know how the app works?

I ask cause not only could I not list any items with buyouts above US$10 on the RMAH (since the maximum allowed balance in an account without an authenticator is US$9.99), but the few items I've sold already have put me right at US$9.99, so now I can't even list things on the RMAH any more.. :-0

Indeed, I'm wondering if I actually lost money on the very last item I had listed (a two-socketed Manticore) -- which was on bid with no buyout & ended up selling for exactly $1.74 -- precisely because the buyer(s) couldn't bid any further (as doing so would have thrown my Battle.net Balance past US$9.99...)?

Just curious.


Posted by Member Bort on 2/21/14 01:16 AM #16
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Interesting. Last time I tried I was couldn't even list anything without an authenticator. This was about 2 years ago so things might have changed...

Anyways, I have the blackberry version of the authenticator linked to my account. Basically it generates a code that you have to read off the phone and type in. There was an initial authenticator identification step, but I can't remember how that works. Basically to sync up your authenticator to your account. If that actually checks your location I don't know. But... I live in South Africa an play on the Europe servers. I have never had issues with my authenticator or my RMAH. But your situation might be slightly different since there are actually asian servers. We don't have any in SA so Europe is technically my allocated region.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 2/22/14 12:17 AM #17
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Thanks for the input, @bort...!

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