What does everyone think of the Crusader so far?

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/20/14 06:43 PM #1
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I have only gotten mine to level 20 in the beta but so far it seems to be a very faithful re-imaging of the Paladin. I will still probably play my Monk first once Reaper of Souls comes out but I will definitely be leveling a Crusader after.

PS - I love Steed Charge

Posted by Member mentok1982 on 2/21/14 06:53 AM #2
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I think someone just realized that they should add a Crusader forum section and that there should be a thread in that section. How very sublte of you. ;)

Anyway, I am not in the beta but I am excited about leveling a Crusader up to 70 so that I can listen to all the new dialogue and experience a new class. I plan on leveling my Wizard and Barb to 70 first, then I am going to take my Crusdaer through the game.

In all honesty, I still have close to no experience with the Witch Doctor and the Demon Hunter. I also have a level 20 Monk that I need to get back to eventually. A couple weeks ago I ended up getting 3 pieces of the Inna's Set over the course of two days so I think the game was trying to tell me that I should play my monk. I have kept those pieces around out of respect for the RNG gods.

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