Fellow barbs, opinions on SS for PVP?

Posted by Member StickyRice on 8/8/12 05:02 PM #1
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As the title states,

I am debating if it is worth it to keep my storm shield (30% block) for pvp. I'm wondering if I should sell it since it just sits there in my stash after I switched to double tornado build.

So do you guys think that the block % will come in handy once pvp releases? Let me know your opinions!

Btw first post! I came to this forum for the giveaway but I really like the useful features that this site offers.

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/8/12 05:07 PM #2
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Honestly I feel that current legendaries will be worthless once patch 1.04 comes out and buffs all the items. Of course I could be wrong and Stormshield might not be changed.... but I recommend just selling it and trying to get the new items in 1.04
Posted by Member vi6six on 8/15/12 11:35 PM #3
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I think our ability to stack up so much crit and crit damage with a secondary weapon ..it will be so hard to give that up for a shield . you may be thinking your in a fight for the long haul when you wanna get in there and just crush em' fast .

WD posts show they think the bears or dogs will be our undoing , but i'm thinking the bears are limited to a certain distance to do any damage and their dogs only have one chance to blow up and take us out..if it fails ..then their cool down will be their undoing

either way ..I am excited
Posted by Member HellBender on 9/10/12 04:19 PM #4
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i think it depends on your build .. in pvp loh ll be useless for barbars actully not useless bot it wont be much effective. new storm shields ve too much more stat on them ( i mean str) whit crit chance it wont make ur dps too low. in pvp ill focus on life regen stun and damage reduction .. well actually it ll be more clear in time but i think damage reduction(block allres and direct reduction) on storm shield can be very usefull on pvp otherwise we can be easy kill against glass cannon builds..

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