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Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/11/14 07:31 PM #1
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I have removed the feature that showed if you had viewed a thread or not. This removal was due to heavy slow down and drain on the database for any page that listed threads. I also moved recent forum posts to their own page, the link can be found on the top navigation bar still.

I will bring the feature back in the future but it won't be for a long time, I am still focusing my work on the item database and do not have the time to create a new version of the tracker right now. When I do work on a new version, it will auto expire any entry for threads you read after 2 weeks, which should help the problem substantially and it also seems like a good compromise for usability.

Hope you guys understand.
Posted by Member Baldy on 3/11/14 08:39 PM #2
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It's your site, bro. Do with it as you see fit. Considering the fact that you had to completely change directions, I think this is a good start towards moving forward with this total redesign.

Carry on the good work. ;)
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/11/14 11:44 PM #3
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Thanks @baldy. When talking about this website, it is a slight disappointment that the auction house is shutting down. It was interesting tracking the prices of items, but the new direction of the website with the item database being a mini wiki with in-depth explanation of each legendary item and being able to sort/find legendary items should be a decent replacement.

Note: I also changed user profiles and the feed only tracks forum posts now. Because well, there really isn't anything else to track right now.
Posted by Member woodssaxon on 3/15/14 08:31 AM #4
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Anuiran - I understand that this change is something you had to do due to the slow down. But I should say I'm a little disappointed to see these two features disappear - the listing of all recent posts right under "Forums", and the marker indicating if you've read the post or not. I may not have been posting much in the forums but I typically read every 'unread' post. Now with the change it makes it much harder for me to use the forums, since sometimes I forget which posts I've already read or not. Anyway, I figured you may want some feedback and I'm looking forward to the feature being reintroduced.

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