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Posted by Member zerokewl on 3/25/14 08:25 AM #1
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Level 20 so far and I like him. A couple close calls as I walk the HC lifestyle. Only when I tried to solo mast though. Will update
Posted by Member zerokewl on 4/7/14 09:20 AM #2
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Still like this toon, but I am understanding all the complaints I am reading. Currently lol 65 and doing adventure mode for my last 5 levels. I am saving all my caches for when I turn 70. Seems like a smart thing to do providing loot is random until opened. Would hate to get monk items with strength since I am saving all caches from both toons.

I know everyone says to run 2 handed weapon but I really like to speed of a 1 handed weapon. How much am I hurting myself if I always try to choose a 1 hander?
Posted by Member zerokewl on 4/8/14 10:17 AM #3
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Hit 67 yesterday and feeling the underpowered effects more and more. Here's to hoping it gets way better at lol 70.

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