Keeping your game open.

Posted by Member Baldy on 3/29/14 05:57 PM #1
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Have you ever had to pee so bad that you paused your game, went to the bathroom, pooped, came back, and your game had timed out?

Were you 1 bounties away from collecting your goody bag from Tyrael?

I have found a solution!!!

All you have to do is leave your map open when in town!! Preposterous, you might say? To that I say NAY!!

Just give it a try. I left a game open for about 4 hours today while my family and I went shopping this afternoon.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 3/29/14 06:43 PM #2
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I am very surprised that your game did not time out.

Posted by Member h311o on 3/31/14 02:02 AM #3
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Has been luck.

Tried everything that comes to my mind like open map ("M") as well as open map ("TAB"), textwindow with beginning chat message, open friendlist, open clan even open achievement but nothing helped so far. After about 15 minutes I get kicked but there's no problem staying in game for about 10 minutes.

Some time ago there was a bug on Blizzard servers where you won't have been kicked but this one is gone.
Posted by Member Baldy on 4/1/14 09:55 PM #4
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I think this may have gotten hotfixed...shameful.

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