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Posted by Member Bort on 4/26/14 03:45 PM #1
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Are you guys finding it as hard as me to find items on your chars now that we can't see all chars + stash in one quick view like the AH page used to provide?

I hate having to go into the game with my chars one by one to see who is hiding something in their inventory.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 4/26/14 04:14 PM #2
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I agree and I hope they implement a feature in the future that allows us to access and move around items from any character in a single menu.
Posted by Member Baldy on 4/27/14 03:26 PM #3
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I took screen shots of my stashes and I refer to those to at least get an idea what is where. Whenever I make a change I delete the old and keep the new. It's as easy as Alt-Tabbing out of the game.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 4/27/14 11:33 PM #4
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Baldy--that is a pretty cool idea...! :-)

On a side note, since I still have tons of stuff in inventory that I never had a chance to sell off on the AH, am wondering if there's a good trading forum for getting rid of some of this stuff.... or maybe I should just salvage most of it...? (I'm guessing most of it is probably worthless now that ilvl70 stuff is available...) Any suggestions?
Posted by Member Bort on 4/28/14 01:02 AM #5
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Based on how much of my old stuff i'm now NOT using I would say salvage it.
Posted by Member Stukthrtl on 4/29/14 07:23 AM #6
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How about a helping hand to leveling Members? I just lost my HC lvl 66 Barb, and was using her to get money and gems for my Crusader, lost some decent legendaries that i was going to be handing down :-(
Posted by Member mentok1982 on 4/30/14 11:19 AM #7
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I talked to Nevalistis about this in person at PAX East. They are aware of this issue and they will be working on a solution soon.

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