What you running?

Posted by Member zerokewl on 4/30/14 10:50 AM #1
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Last few nights I have been doing T2 rifts...A little scary at times but so much fun. I think I am only a few pieces away of T3...

If anyone is interested my group usually has a slot or 2 open and you're more than welcome to join. Also I have alts I'd run with you for lower level farming.
Posted by Member zerokewl on 5/19/14 05:41 PM #2
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Still doing T2, but my new clan has a 4 man group running T4+. I got some sick dps upgrades but they hurt my toughness big time.
Posted by Member Bort on 5/23/14 05:18 PM #3
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I chickened out of HC after completing the boss kill achievements.

But my wizard was getting to the point where I could do T1, but it still scared me.
Probably would be doing T2 or even T3 with similar gear on softcore though.

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