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Posted by Member therookie0709 on 8/9/12 02:54 AM #1
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Since this is my first time selling monk items, please help me out =D
Rare Fist Weapon Item Level 63
398.0 DPS
188-381 dmg
+30 min dmg
+31 max dmg
+38% dmg
+57 dex
+67 vit
crit dmg increased by 92%
Increases Spirit Regen by 1.73/s
Thanks in advance =D
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 8/9/12 03:01 AM #2
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@therookie0709 .... Man! I don't know what to say, the crit damage and and increased spirit regen are really good stats and you got a damn near perfect roll of crit damage.

Unfortunately the weapons DPS sucks or that would have been worth a large amount of gold. Honestly I think you are looking at about 100k.

Sorry man :(
Posted by Member therookie0709 on 8/9/12 03:58 AM #3
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Aww ok thanks man

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