Anyone in Heroes of the Storm beta?

Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 5/3/14 05:09 PM #1
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I haven't got an invite yet. But I am super excited, anyone got any impressions of it?
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 11/24/15 09:12 PM #2
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Long time no see. Been ages since I visited this forum, it seems. I still play D3 some, but am playing HotS a lot more instead. I was actually trying to message you in HotS the other day, but my messages weren't getting through to you--was getting some sort of "INVALID" error message--so I figured I'd try to reach you through here. I noticed that you have already gotten the new two-headed Ogre Mage hero Cho'Gall to level 5, and was wondering if you'd be willing to play two AI games w/ me w/ him so that I can obtain him as well...? Anyway, if so, please leave me a message here or send me a message in game. Thanks!

Hope you are well,

Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 11/24/15 10:02 PM #3
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Thanks for the AI games & helping me to unlock Cho'Gall! :-) I owe ya one!

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