So...interesting things going on in Bastion's Keep

Posted by Member Baldy on 5/28/14 06:36 AM #1
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I have never seen this before...have you?
Posted by Member Mannix on 5/28/14 06:39 AM #2
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Haha that is hella weird

They all about to come alive and take over the keep
Posted by Member Bort on 5/28/14 10:35 AM #3
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Well, i do know that if you cast your healing stuff as a monk the graphics looks like it heals those guys as well. So you must have something going that affects allies.
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 5/28/14 01:28 PM #4
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Weird what skills and Legendary items are you using?
Posted by Member Baldy on 5/28/14 04:55 PM #5
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Check my WD's profile page...all that gear is the same as what I have on him in the pic. No kind of healing effects. Weird stuff.
Posted by Member Bort on 5/29/14 04:10 AM #6
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Pox faulds??

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