20 mil gold/200 mil xp In a Minute(+Vid)

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Hey guys, I just wanted to show you a way to have fun while gathering a ton of gold and xp on your char.
Boosting friends with a related build like this one makes your time worth it from your behalf too, other than helping out your friend in need ( or clan mate that just died XD )

So here's the video for those of you who don't like walls of texts, I included some aspects that appear to be changed during the period that 2.1 came live, also there's gameplay of cursed chests farm with my preferred locations, farming rifts in a group was never more fun, and you get to confuse people with the armor bonus, sitting in all the 1-shot mechanics the elites can throw at you. Power leveling your friends will be less of a drag too:


You may not be able to faceroll this hard with other classes ( well maybe with a wizz) but the same principles apply to each and every other class, on my barb for example, since I actually hit the mobs with WW, the Goldskin procs are quite nice too.

Keep in mind the gem proc scales a lot with its level, so the higher the level, the more the chance you have to turn the mob's weight into gold.
The higher the torment level, the more GF you will have too, followers also help but nothing crucial about them. Just aim to have a comfortable damage output and then focus on GF. Toughness will be settled with the armor bonus from goldwraps.

GOLDWRAP will make you indestructible
On gold pickup: Gain armor for 5 seconds equal to the amount picked up.

Custerian Wristguards will make you gain xp as you pick up gold too
Picking up gold grants experience.

Kymbo's Gold will provide you with above average gold find and healing from picking it up.
+75–100% Extra Gold from Monsters
Picking up gold heals you for an amount equal to the gold that was picked up.

Goldskin has above average gold find and enemies will drop gold as you hit them.
+100% Extra Gold from Monsters
Chance for enemies to drop gold when you hit them.

Leoric's Crown will provide you with 82% gold find if you put a flawless royal emerald in
Increase the effect of any gem socketed into this item by 75–100%.

Gladiator Gauntlets can provide you with continuity on the goldwrap armor timer, so you won't loose the armor bonus between packs ( not a big deal to skip them)
After earning a massacre bonus, gold rains from sky.

AVARICE BAND is quite helpful if you're not a Demon Hunter as it will pick up gold from the whole screen. ( not mandatory either, but a relaxing item to have on this build)
Each time you pick up gold, increase your Gold and Health Pickup radius by 1 yard for 10 seconds, stacking up to 30 times.

Sunkeeper, Devil tongue , Raven's Wind , Ziggurat Tooth and so on

Boon of the Hoarder gem is needed if you want to maximize the benefits. Now the good news is you won't have to worry about gold ever again once you have it. The bad news is, since the community buff got disabled, more and more people complain about not getting the portal after hundreds of gob kills, whereas when I passively killed them within the community buff period I got like 3 portals out of 20-40 gobs TOPS. So my best guess is they nerfed the spawn chance of the portal too, since I've never seen it spawn after the community buff waded, and I killed at least 10 times more gobs in the meanwhile.

Warning: do not try this build in GR's, as you cannot find or proc gold inside them, therefore making it obsolete there.

Chest Events and where you can find them (all are viable, the red ones are the ones I prefer):

Act I:

The Cursed Cellar - Damp Cellar in The Old Ruins *** My favorite area to farm XP, especially in a 4 man group***
The Cursed Bellows - Halls of Agony Level 3
The Cursed Grove - Field of Misery Tree Grove
The Cursed Court - Cathedral Level 2
The Cursed Hatchery - Caverns of Aranae *** Above average gold out of this chest event ***
Act II
The Cursed Outpost - Howling Plateau
The Cursed Pit - The Storm Halls
The Cursed Spire - The Unknown Depths *** Best results when it comes to gold ****
The Cursed Garrison - The Battlefields
Act IV
The Cursed Chapel - Silver Spire Level 2
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Good post, I have been farming gold for a while now. Boon of the Hoarder makes it way too much fun, plus Goldwrap is awesome. Just wish it worked in Greater Rifts!

Items that interact with gold.
Posted by Member eastdragon42 on 10/14/14 04:45 AM #3
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Very nice write-up! This is actually the same build I use right now when playing regular T6 rifts, Act 1 bounty runs, & KW runs. I got very lucky in that the patch where they introduced the Goblin Portal, I got one off the very first goblin I killed & also managed to get a Boon of the Hoarder that same session (& I've been unlucky ever since then since I haven't seen a Goblin Portal ever since then...) I was using Goldwrap to make myself indestructible & kept gambling w/ Kadala for bracers until I got my Custerian Wristguards. I did try Goldskin armor for awhile too, rotating between that & Marauder's Carapace or Cindercoat while using Marauder's gloves up until the point that I got my kick-ass Tasker & Theo's; now I have no choice but to use the Marauder's Carapace. I have two Kymbo's Gold amulets in my stash, but since neither have sockets (& I've been pretty unlucky with enchanting to get a socket in either of them), am still mainly using my Hellfire Amulet. Never bothered with Leoric's Crown or Gladiator Gauntlets, since I need the Marauder's pieces for the set bonus (though I do have a pretty good pair of Gladiator Gauntlets saved in my stash too). Have yet to see an Avarice Band... :-0

Since I got my Boon of the Hoarder (which is now at rank 30), I've gone from 1.2 billion gold to 2.2 billion gold. Just wish I'd gotten my Custerian Wristguards earlier on (I'd already surpassed 2 billion gold before obtaining those, unfortunately). Does anyone know if bonus EXP items also apply to the experience earned from gold via the bracers? For some reason I don't think it does, though it'd be nice if it did... :-)

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