Elite Nullifier Barb GR 34, rank 3 EU HC [+video]

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Hello guys! I gave up on finding a hellfire necklace today and I tried out higher rifts with the updated version of this build.
After the second try I managed to end GR 34 I would complain about the rift, but then, being a lazy bastard that I am, I will be satisfied ending it without using pylons and killing zombies.
The result is rank 3 EU, and I'm pretty sure I can do better as soon as I get that meddling hellfire neck.

Video with all the new info and the actual run :


For those of you who don't like to die or play hardcore and don't want to lose their chars and still want to nuke the hell out of any sort of monsters, I can tell you I play all classes and most of the specs but this is by far my favourite build and I have this barb for over half a year and every time I log in I feel safe playing it ( not immortal, I still have to not stand in " most " of the fire ).

What is new:

I'm using bane of the trapped. The gem will provide you with a crowd control area after level 25, and since you're always am in melee range, you benefit from the bonus all the time. I'm also using taeguk. the best gem for this build imo especially on hardcore. 30% extra armor and damage is a superb addition to any barb. As you can see in the video I maintain the stacks using whirlwind and still keep the berserker rage passive up even on single targets.

Pain enhancer is the tricky part. Even if it's a physical based gem, I can still get it to tick over 20 mil since we have immense attack speed from whirlwind and high crit chance from Overpower+ Killing spree and normal CHC. The IAS is very nice too, I could see my damage get up to 4 mil + on big packs, which is insane considering I don't use WOTB or didn't have any external buffs.

Weapons Master passive instead of Ruthless for the extra critical strike chance. This way you get more dps AND the ancients will scale with the higher damage you have from the slower Odyn Son.

I'm using Shard of hate not Thunder fury not because it is better, but because I found a lot better rolled version that made me able to insert ramaladi's gift in. The aoe damage is less, but on single target it seems a bit better. I would still go for the TF if I would find a better one, meaning I would have to find a perfect rolled TF since it always drops with a socket, and rolling a good TF on main stats and the secondary won't happen any time soon unfortunatley.

Call of the Ancients will hit like trucks and will also proc the Pain Enhancer gem. Together as one will make you tougher and you can watch the ancient's HP and " immagine" they are your shield, meaning you can anticipate the incoming damage you will take if they die from the speed that they go down. Of course, the target is to keep them alive, so then you have 2 options:

1.Inspiring presence will provide you, your pets or party members with 2% hp/second regen, this is incredibly good for your anicents. They will also benefit from the War Cry bonuses.
I get over 16 000 HP/S from using this passive!!! It's incredibly powerful now and woudln't see my barb safe anymore without it.
2.Threatening Shout+ Grim Harvest makes health globes pop out of mobs just like pop-corn is made.

Critical strike have no limits on this build, I have almost 70% CHC when i use a proper necklace, and you have to know that CHC will show you less damage unbuffed, but the more you increase your damage the more efficient it is. For example by using weapons master with a mace you will get 5 % crit chance and it will look like your dps is less than the 8% damage you get from switching a sword in main hand. Fully buffed however, critical strike chance will give you a lot more damage, plus the bloodbath and pain enhancer synergy doesn't compare to any other stats.

You can see how I stand tall in all those elite effects even after my ancients are dead, and it is due to the high armor ( str gems, rampage bonus and add the 30% Taeguk and you get your armor reduction value near 90% ). Then you have to focus on elite damage reduction ( chest 11% reduction, and Aughild set bonus).
Now you have to keep your eyes opened for the 7% ranged and melee reduction from chest,wrist and neck. Keep in mind you can roll BOTH of them on an item, it won't happen often, don't worry.

I will make another video about the items and the weapons from my experience ( Schaffner's Hammer, Shard of Hate, Thunder Fruy and of course, the one and only Odyn Son, the weapon that makes this build stay afloat).

As mentioned in the video, I feel sorry I couldn't squeeze in the Thundergod's Vigor belt that would provide me with extrra "sparks" and 15 % more lightning damage. This would be a huge boost considering you get hit constantly on this build ( you play like a man, not a deer or a choo choo train)
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Just watched the video looks pretty fun and awesome. Good guide also.

I really should give hardcore a legit attempt some time. I always die early as I get greedy :(

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