Question from a newbie! The Cursed Mill Event.

Posted by Member MRWOODS on 2/11/15 06:14 PM #1
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Just a quick question here from someone new in the forums. Where in the world is the cursed mill event in the 1st act. I am playing solo on a PS3 using the Ultimate Evil edition of Reaper of Souls. Some sites I have seen say it is a chest that spawns in the Old Mill area of act 1 and others say it is a shrine that spawns in the Fields of Misery. I have tried both and no luck. Same with trying to get Kyr the Weaponsmith to spawn. Any help would be appreciated.
M. R. Woods
Posted by Admin DHAdmin on 2/11/15 09:32 PM #2
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It's a rare spawn I think. I have seen it before, so not sure what to say.
Posted by Member h311o on 2/12/15 01:35 AM #3
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Can't say for PS3 but on PC it's a chest in FoM/Mill and can spawn everywhere. I know of mill cause once I searched the whole fields twice and was just to give up but then got it at the Old Mill where you have to free Scoundrel.

And afaik it can be up as bounty as well but don't know if on console you can run adventure mode/bounties.
Posted by Member MRWOODS on 2/12/15 04:28 PM #4
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Thanks for the info! As for the console version of the game, yes you have adventure mode. I have a lvl 70 (40) demon hunter that I just started in adventure mode. I will look for it there. Hopefully it and the weaponsmith will show up there.
Posted by Member Bort on 2/14/15 01:43 AM #5
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Cursed mill should be available as a bounty event.
But it can be anywhere in the Fields of Misery area.

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