Pokemon Go Announced for 2016 Release

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New Pokemon Mobile game announced for 2016. More details as they come!

- 2016 Release.
- Mobile (iOS and Android) "real life" Pokémon collecting, battling and trading.
- Takes inspiration from the mobile game Ingress.
- Collaboration with Niantic, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company.
- Includes the first 151 Pokemon.
- Pokemon found near you will be based on the region of world you live in.
- Trade and battle Pokemon with other mobile users.
- Go to places in the real world and catch Pokemon. Example given is "Imagine a Squirtle hiding near the water front in San Francisco"
- Changing up the series instead of completely holding to the conventions of the series.


- "Pokemon Go Plus" - a Bluetooth enabled wristband that uses a led light and vibration function to notify the wearer of things going on in the game. Such as a nearby Pikachu in the real world.
- Has a button in the center to throw a Pokemon ball.
- No screen. Just a simple device for being notified if a Pokemon is nearby.
- Pokemon Go Plus is not needed to play the game. Just an extra peripheral.


Official reveal video:

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